Effective Way for Weight Loss – Hot Yoga

Effective Way for Weight Loss – Hot Yoga

Article by Kevin Pederson

The benefits of yoga are well known. Yoga is not only beneficial for losing weight and toning the body, but has an overall impact on your health. Yoga can help you enhance your spirituality by establishing a balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual energies.

Yoga is also an ideal fitness routine for anyone who is looking to lose weight. It is a gentle exercise and the motions involved in the practice of yoga are slow, deliberate, and fluid. However, recently, the practice of yoga for weight loss has gained popularity. The traditional form of yoga has been worked upon and adapted into modern styles which are more suitable to the modern practitioner and the environment around us.

Hot yoga has been the most recent variation of yoga. This variation has been made especially for those who want to lose weight. Hot yoga is a practice that takes place in a heated room. The intensity of the heat, when coupled with the fluid motions of the yoga routine helps burn more calories in the same amount of time.

The poses and postures of hot yoga are very much like the traditional yoga. The only specialty of hot yoga is that it is performed in an intensely hot room which is heated up to 90 degree Fahrenheit. A lot of people tend to confuse hot yoga with Bikram yoga. Though Bikram Choudhary has invented the concept of hot yoga, it is not the same as Bikram yoga. While Bikram yoga has a specific copyrighted sequence of yoga poses and postures, hot yoga can be performed in any manner. The routines of hot yoga depend a lot on the studio where it is being practiced. It is believed that the benefits of yoga can be enhanced when it is practiced in a high temperature. As the temperature rises, the practice of yoga becomes more intense, allowing the body to burn more calories. The heat also allows the blood vessels and the muscles to expand and relax. The poses and postures to be practiced in hot yoga are specifically chosen. The poses which help stretch and stimulate the muscles are preferred over light and relaxing exercises of yoga.

Based on the temperature created in the studio and the type of exercises chosen for the routine, the results may differ from studio to studio. However, if the temperature is more, the body sweats more and more calories are burnt.

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