Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss

Article by John Chancellor

Weight Loss Made Easy

Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to eat less food in order to lose weight. In order to kick start your weight loss efforts, you may be surprised to hear that you should be eating more food, more often.

Of course, this means eating more fat-burning food and healthy alternatives throughout your day to make sure you feel full but you’re not taking in unnecessary calories.

Another aspect of weight loss many people leave out is the importance of exercise. Losing weight without toning your body can leave unsightly, flabby skin left over. As the weight comes off, you’ll need to work on toning and tightening areas of your body.

Here are some simple weight loss tips to remember.


Nobody really likes the idea of working out for long hours in the gym. Most weight loss tips tell you that you should do at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 or 4 times each week. Many people don’t feel that they have the time in their busy day to make this happen.

Did you know that you can still lose weight and get in a great workout by breaking up your sessions into several shorter sessions through the day. Spend 5 minutes in the morning doing crunches or sit ups. Do some lunges or squats for 5 minutes in the afternoon. Take a 10 minute brisk walk during your lunch break and perhaps try some bicep curls with light weights for 5 minutes in the evening.


Never be tempted to skip meals. Always begin your day with a healthy breakfast to give your metabolism a kick start. Choose a healthy lunch and work on some simple recipes for low calorie, healthy dinners. If you’re hungry through the day, always treat yourself to a snack. Just make certain your snack is fruit or cut up vegetables and you can have as many of these whenever you want.

By adding fat burning food options to your daily diet, you’ll never feel as though you’re starving yourself but you’ll still be losing weight easily.


It’s important to drink more water. Not only will your body begin to cleanse out the toxins that have been stored in your body, but your metabolism will speed up making it easier to shed those pounds.

Cut back on sports drinks or flavored waters as these contain plenty of sugar. You should also cut back on soda, beer, alcohol, coffee and any other sugar-filled drink and replace them with water.

You might try drinking a little bit of green tea with your evening meal. This can help with digestion and promote weight loss. Green tea is a mild diuretic, so you should also find that you won’t be retaining as much fluid.

Avoid Fad Diets

Any diet that expects you to cut out one or more food groups should be avoided at all costs. Your body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates in order to function properly. Your body also needs some dairy to help break down fat cells and to keep your teeth and bones strong.

The best possible way to lose weight quickly is to be sensible with your food choices. Include some light exercise into your daily routine and drink more water and you’ll find that you’re losing weight easier than you thought possible.

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