Dtea Senior Secondary School, Pusa Road, Delhi

Dtea Senior Secondary School, Pusa Road, Delhi

Article by Azim Uddin

DTEA Senior Secondary School is located in Pusa Road in New Delhi. 19th October, 1923, the Vijaydashmi Day, marks the beginning of the glorious history of the DTEA Schools. Madrasi Education Association which is known as DTEA today was started with one teacher and one student at Shimla. The institution has produced many brilliant educationist, scholars, scientists and engineers. The schools has able administrators and defense personnel who still cherish fond memories of their alma mater. All the seven one are recognized by the Education Department of Government of Delhi. They are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

The DTEA Senior Secondary School, Pusa Road is an outstanding member of the DTEA family. The school was established on 1953 as a primary school. The school was upgraded to Middle level in 1960. In 1963, the school became a Higher Secondary School and later a Senior Secondary School. They has contributed more than 47 years of remarkable contribution in the field of Education. Theey are known for its discipline and total concern for its students. The has a staff of more than 50 teachers and nearly 1200 students. Theey offers many courses in subjects such as Science, Commerce and Arts. The school follows the House System that encourages active participation of the children. Children from different parts of the country speaking different languages, belonging to different communities and religion are studying. This symbolizes the spirit of national integration.

The motto of the school is “Total commitment to the cause of Education”. The school is located on an area of 7402 sq meters. The school has a very good infrastructure. The school has many administrative blocks. The school also has a vast play ground for sports activities. They has a toilet block separately for boys and girl students. The schools also provides Tap water and aqua-guard water provision for drinking purpose. The school has science labs, yoga room, Domestic Science Room and a Computer Room.

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