Dressing Right with Mens Yoga Clothes

Dressing Right with Mens Yoga Clothes

Article by Robyn Fry

Dressing right is a statement that you put out to the world. When you’re off to yoga class, there’s no standard rule that you should be wearing cast offs from your wardrobe. You can go beyond the normal sweats and t-shirts when you’re practicing meditations and go with designer clothes that are real mens yoga clothes.

A number of clothing stores, both on the streets and malls or online, provide a wide array of options for mens yoga clothes that are stylish as well as functional. Some of the apparels that they provide are even so versatile that you can transition easily from such meditation class to other athletic classes in just one outfit. Usually, men think that a normal t-shirt and torn pants is the uniform for going to a yoga class. They have no idea that there are male exercise wears and that these are designed for comfort and focus on the exercise. If a man is not wearing the right mens yoga clothes, he might feel conscious that it’s riding up in the weirdest of places. Take for example the Speedo fabric that is mainly of a stretchy material. Men in stretchy pants don’t really look good, but sometimes, it’s just that the man doesn’t know where to go looking for the right male exercise apparels.

For the beginner yogi, you can try going to discount stores or any sporting goods store to get your mens yoga clothes. Your checklist should include shorts that don’t gather up in the crotch when you do the various exercise positions. It doesn’t need to have pockets in it since you’re not going to be carrying things with you in class anyway. As for the tanks and t-shirts that you need for practice, they should be lightweight and designed to draw moisture away from the body. Heavy kinds of cotton shirts are readily available, but those tend to fall over your head and make you look awkward in inverted positions of the exercise. It should be form fitting but not tight.

Over the Internet, the availability of such clothing for men has also increased with the popularity of yoga. Clothing lines are now considering active wear for men and these are designed for comfort and versatility and made of breathable fabrics. There are even some companies that make such clothes of organic cotton and other organic materials. At the Barefoot Yoga store, they sell mens yoga clothes such as hemp cargo pants that keep the wearer dry during class. Tanks with moisture-preventing qualities are also included in the choices as well as shorts with flat waistbands and articles of clothing made from organic cotton. In the Prana store, they specialize in athletic wear for climbing and yoga. They use sustainable materials for their clothing line and have a pair of pants called the momentum pan which is mostly made up of organic cotton and a bit of spandex.

Simple, lightweight and comfortable are the main factors that clothing for exercise practices and classes should have.

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Robyn is a full time student at UNC and has been practicing Yoga for as long as she can remember. She hopes to one day work at one of the raw food yoga healing centers in her area after she graduates.

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