Dog Aerobics- crazy dog tricks

This is a video of Splash’s Exercises. In the end Kiko gets jealous and joins in. Splash does weights, the downward dog, leg crunches, stretchersizes, and more, watch to find out what exercise the little chihuahua will do! To learn more about how these tricks were trained visit my channel and subscribe! Find out about the Antithesis of the Dog Whisperer! KIKOPUP! Respect the dog, yo! —————- dog training clicker training canine freestyle amazing dog tricks cute funny dogs exercise dog exercise video training a dog how to train a dog exercise dog exercise video dog training clicker training having fun with my border collie and chihuahua how to lift weights with a dog, dogs doing crazy tricks how to train without using punishment how to train only using positive reinforcement Kikopup Dogmantics kiko splash Emily Larlham

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