Does Breastfeeding Help To Lose Weight?

Does Breastfeeding Help To Lose Weight?

Article by Natasha Rei

In these days, afraid of getting fat after giving birth seems to become an important issue for young mothers who are planning to have a baby. These young mothers are scared of facing the fact that they need to lose their weight after pregnancy. The main reason behind this issue is that there have been many stories around us that show how women who recently delivered generally will experience a significant weight gain if compared to the condition before their pregnancy.

Actually, there is no need to worry too much dealing with this situation, because there are several studies have revealed that the process of breastfeeding mothers would help to lose weight gradually, at least for 12 months after a child birth. In this breastfeeding process, a number of hormones are released into the body. These hormones will actually help the womb to return a woman’s body to her original size and shape as before pregnancy.

During pregnancy period, a woman’s body will experience significant weight gain from 22 to 30 kilograms in general. If that is what you have experienced during your 9-month pregnancy period, then it is recommended that you need to lose your weight by 1 kilogram per week after a child birth. But, if the increase exceeds your normal body weight which is more than 22 to 30 kilograms, then you are strongly advised to lose your weight minimum 2 kilograms per week. Please pay attention that your weight loss program does not interfere with the quality and quantity of your milk.

Although breastfeeding is considered as one good natural solution to lose weight after pregnancy, then you should not rely solely on this solution. You should also do some additional weight loss programs, such as limiting your daily meal consumption and starting some light exercises or sports that match to your ability.

I do hope this short article would help to describe that breastfeeding process would also help weight loss process in a natural way after pregnancy.

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