Doctors recommend Laughter Yoga for Depression

http// Laughter yoga as laughter therapy for Depression. The psychiatrist of Tanaz Bambot was amazed by her response to bipolar depression. After Initial scepticism he is totally convinced laughter yoga did it for her. This what he said about laughter Yoga and depression- Here is what he said: “As a psychiatrist, in Michigan City, Indiana, I have something to say about Laughter Yoga and how it helps patients with depression and bipolar depression. I have learnt about Laughter Yoga from Tanaz – I had no idea what that was, and at first, probably, like all practitioners, I thought it was just a nice thing to do. But, then I heard about it from Dr. Pink in his book called ‘The Right Brain Function’ in which he wrote that you could change your brain chemistry by using laughter as a treatment. This was a striking idea and I began to look more into it because we have upto 10 percent of people suffering from severe depression in this country. Though we have medications that help and shock treatment that helps but we still have patients who do not stay well and need something additional to reach that level of wellness, be happy, feel well rather than just stay on medication or have their illness under control. Therapy does help a lot, but Laughter Yoga turned out to be a very interesting way of changing brain chemistry. I have seen it with Tanaz and how it helped her to recover. The frequency of her relapses decreased after she started doing Laughter Yoga

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