Do Your Weight Lifting Routines Systematically

Do Your Weight Lifting Routines Systematically

Article by Jace P. Andersen

Work out a time schedule to do your weight lifting routines and eat right if you want to be successful in this effort to gain muscle. Weight lifting should be approached the same way as athletes approach their routines.

Your muscles suffer enormous damage during a weight lifting session as the micro fibers inside your muscles get ripped apart due to the strain put on them by the weights. In order for these micro muscle elements to recover fully, you need to give them ample time to do so. This recovery period may last up to seventy two hours and during this time you need to ensure you eat the right amounts and kinds of food for the muscle to repair itself.

Muscles grow as this process is repeated over and over again – destroy the muscle and let it grow back larger and stronger. Over training a muscle by doing weight lifting every day will leave the muscle without any time to repair itself and may cause severely painful conditions and certainly no growth. Sensible weight lifting routines must be designed and adhered to at all times.

The best way to work out your whole body is to choose a certain group of muscles to exercise during each gym session. Start with your shoulders and arms on day one and work these muscles to total exhaustion. Let these body parts rest for the next 72 hours as you move your attention to your legs the next day and stomach muscles on day three.

Before you know it, you body will stop complaining and start enjoying your set routine. Always keep a single day for total rest aside or you may get so tired that you might consider stopping training altogether. Resting days can be filled with light exercise, but avoid any weight training.

The human body adapts very quickly and you may see after a few short weeks that your routines are becoming too easy and even boring for you. This is a great time to switch everything round by changing your routine completely. Change the days you do certain muscle groups as well as how you grip the weight. Slight changes will see different muscles develop under the load. Body builders try their best to avoid their bodies from going into plateaus.

Weight lifting increases muscular strength, so you may find that the weights you lifted last week, now pose no challenge to your muscles, so increase the weights you lift every week. There are no benefits in lifting too little as you do not cause the muscles to tear, so increased weights are the way to keep your body developing.

As you progress on your weight lifting regime, you will realize that eating the wrong food at the wrong time may totally counteract your hard work. Keep proteins as your main food source as your body needs lots of proteins to grow back damaged muscle tissue. Many weight lifters avoid carbohydrates and end up too weak to keep up with their programs. Carbohydrates fuel the energy cells of your body and give you the strength necessary to keep up the strenuous exercise routine to the end.

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