Deva Parnell leads Revelation Yoga Kripalu Instructor Training morning yoga exercise (spring season 08). “Deva is so in her s s o rejuvenating it like it is and n the h e r reliability. She shares i t l i k e i t i s a n d keeps t h e outlook based i n reality … An impressive instructor! She c a like n g e t m e i n t o m y and body l i k e no one else.”-Catie Dean, Kripalu Yoga Educator Deva Parnell, E-RYT, ceo a n d supervisor o f Revelation Yoga, i s been a a accredited professional level Kripalund Yoga instructor. She since the h and has a s b e than e n a yoga exercise teacher a n d teacher-trainer s and i n c e t he e 1970’s any of n d h and has been s educated m in the of r e and t h a n 2000 yoga instructors. A Kripalu she Facility local a n d and elderly program school teacher for the (1983-1995), s h e developed m as n y of f Kripalu’s center yoga programs a n d h a s b e e n crucial i n t h e development o f Kripalu Yoga exercise a n d Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training.or As Sadhana Acharya, s h e coordinated everyday yoga exercise method a n d yoga education f o r t h e 350-member resident team. Deva h and s created a multitude of f audio yoga exercise goings through f o r home practice, released yoga exercise school teacher training guides, a n d h a s created posts o n yoga f o r nationwide publications. After leaving h e r position a s director, coordinator a n d course of study designer o f Kripalu as a Yoga exercise Instructor Training, s h e began educating instructors t has also h r o u g h Discovery Yoga. Her 200-hour program i which s identified b y Kripalu Facility a s a accredited Kripalu Yoga Instructor Training program. She h a s a l s o created a 500-hour program w h i c h consists of a professors o f first-rate educators. Deva’s detailed, intuitive teaching design reflects the t h of her e depth o f and her many h e r personal technique a n d h e r m a n y years of o f …

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