Discovering The Beginner Yoga Positions

Discovering The Beginner Yoga Positions

Article by chris binnie

Discovering The Beginner Yoga Positions

If you want to start yoga, you need to start at square one. You have probably seen the wild and crazy yoga poses that some of the advanced yoga students can do, but it will take time to warm up to those poses! Practice makes perfect, but much like any other physical activity, you have to prepare your body before doing anything too rigorous. Many people do not believe that yoga is a rigorous sport, but try any of the advanced yoga positions before your body is ready and you will definitely say otherwise! Here are some places where you can find beginner yoga positions to help you get started with your yoga.

Take A Class

The best way to start yoga is to take a beginners yoga class. In a beginners yoga class you will learn everything you need to know about yoga. Your instructor will teach you how to do beginners yoga positions. Having an instructor that you can physically see can be extremely helpful for people who are just starting off in yoga. Even the earlier beginner yoga positions that might look easy can be surprisingly difficult to pull off. When you see a picture of someone doing a beginner yoga position, it hardly looks like they are stressed at all. But if you are weak, overweight, not flexible, or simply uncoordinated, it can be very difficult to pull off a beginners pose. Instead of throwing in the towel, a class can help you to master these beginner yoga positions with ease so that you can move on to more difficult positions!

Buy An Exercise Video

Many people work well with yoga through an exercise video. While you do not have the personal instructor there to help you with your yoga positions, you still have the benefit of watching an actual person perform these beginner yoga positions. You can watch as they get into the position, hold it, and release. Instead of reading about how to do it or trying to decipher these yoga positions from a printed picture (that is not recommended at all for beginners yoga!), you can visibly see how to do it. Another benefit of using an exercise video is that you can pause and make the video go in slow motion so that you can really figure out exactly what to do. These videos are also great if you are self conscious about how you are doing your yoga and do not want to look silly at a class! After all, once you master these beginning yoga positions you can then move on to taking a class.

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