Different Types of Yoga With Varying Purposes

Different Types of Yoga With Varying Purposes

Article by Glen Wood

There is more than one yoga practice, each is composed of different set of sequences for varying physical and mental health purposes.

The Kripalu yoga is best for postural alignment and the combination of breathing and movement. While a gentle form of yoga is called Iyengar, another kind of yoga is called Kundalini. The former is usually used by beginners and less flexible people, while the latter is focused on chanting, meditation, visualization, breath control, and body postures.

Hatha yoga mainly enhances the flow of body movements, which makes it excellent for curing back pains. This is practiced mostly in the United Kingdom. The techniques used in Raja yoga and Tranta yoga are recognized for their ability to uplift emotions and spiritual feelings.

Such emotional exultation is also achieved in Yoga Nidra, known for its guided imagery to tune into your body and mind. Yoga Nidra incorporates the color emerald green in its technique. This is done by letting a practitioner focus on one image for several minutes, with the color on the background. This color is considered the most relaxing color among others.

The image focusing will stay until the body and mind are relaxed. An audio file is also played on the background to guide practitioners in meditating. It is Yoga Nidra that considers hypnosis as a trancelike state of deep relaxation while maintaining the mind alert and open. It opposes the common fear in hypnosis–idea of someone controlling your mind–which is created by commercial stage. Like any other yoga, it involves deep breathing and mantra.

There are levels common to every yoga practice. These levels are coinciding with different aspects of lifestyle. First, the body is the physical, the heart for emotional, mind for thinking, mindfulness for right-brain awareness, concentration for left-brain awareness, and psychology for personality and unconscious processes.

Anusara yoga will bring greater awareness to you, with good grounding and alignment, Anusara will give an excellent body, mind and spirit. The whole of he body will become toned and receptive and more importantly – in Tune. In tune with the universe, the God source, your very essence and being as you are coming from the heart. Expressing yourself through the posture, allowing your heart to melt and come through.

Not only will you have a stronger and flexible body, mindfullness will be more apparent with greater awarenesss of you as a whole, being at one.

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