Different Exercises for a Strong and Healthy Back

Different Exercises for a Strong and Healthy Back

Article by Evy Shantal

The following are examples of exercises that help to promote a stronger and healthier back. One reminder though is to consult your doctor before getting into any of these exercises to see if it suits you as well as seek the guidance of a professional trainer for proper execution of these exercises.

Aerobic Exercises. Also known as cardiovascular exercise, aerobics involves moderate intensity workout, increasing oxygen demand by the lungs. There are various types of aerobic exercises that promote muscle endurance on different areas of the body that would lead to good overall body condition. Among these exercises include brisk walking, jogging, stationary biking and swimming.

Basic Body Exercises for General Conditioning. These comprise some common exercises that target the body’s major muscle groups that provide overall conditioning of the body. Some examples of basic body exercises for general conditioning are push ups, squats and abdominal exercises.

Resistance Training for Back Muscles. This makes use of weights in performing a particular exercise that are done in sets and specific repetitions. Resistance training for back muscles usually starts slowly and lightly. Instead of increasing weight, intensity is gradually and safely increased by raising the number of repetitions. Examples of this type of exercise are lat pull downs, pull-ups, bent over lateral raise and bent over barbell row.

Tai-chi. Originating from China, Tai-chi is known for its healing effects and provides relief from back pain as well as other forms of stress and tension.

Water Therapy Exercises. Also known as hydro or pool therapy, water therapy exercises helps treat back pain and promote good back condition. This type of exercise is recommended for patients with decreased bone density or those whose back pain are critical and may not be treated with just simple land based therapies.

Yoga. This exercise involves the combination of different postures and poses as well as proper breathing techniques that relax the mind and strengthen the body. Some examples of yoga poses that are intended for back relief are the Abdominal twist, which helps flex the back’s middle portion and lower rib cage; the Downward facing dog, which strengthens the upper arms and back and helps improve posture of the upper back portion; the Energy freeing pose, which can help provide pain relief caused by misalignment in the lower back area and the Stick pose, which helps strengthen the muscles that support the spine. The Stick pose helps tone the abdominal and back muscles as well as the hips.

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