Decided to Lose Weight? 10 Gold Rules for Diet.

Decided to Lose Weight? 10 Gold Rules for Diet.

Article by Vadims Matjuhins

1. Diet or sport?

Before you decide to use a diet as way to lose weight, ascertain that you really have overweight. It could be that you need good trainer instead diet. You could find out it with Body Mass Index. And if it shows a norm, you need to solve problem of pot belly in the gym but not with diet’s help.

2. Du you really need it?

Ask this simple question and understand what will change in your life when scale will show hidden numbers? Only things that promise real (but not elusory) benefits are worth. Don’t delude yourself that when you will fit to the same size when you were 16, you will find a good job or will fix your private life. All these depend of your self and don’t depend of your shape. If you still want to lose weight then go to next rule.

3. Point real terms.

Your ambitions should be achievable. You should not to lose 30 pounds within 2 months without big effort and harming your health. Loosing more then 2 pounds a week you will lose only water and muscle mass. Finally your metabolism could be unsettled, but water will come back right after diet’s ending.To lose only fat you should lose no more then 1 pound a week and 4 pound a month. Fat falls apart much slower then it accumulates and our body will not give its savings fast.

4. Interpose intermediary goals.

Divide your diet program into few phases and count how much you should weight after each of phases. The way to your dream will looks much closer and you will be stimulated to lose weight more and more.

You should accept that goal to lose 2 pounds this month is more realistic then plan to lose 30 pounds in some future. And don’t forget to praise yourself for small progress, because they will lead you to big victory.

5. Check your health status.

Before you start your way toward to dream shape, ascertain that you don’t have health problems. Because the diet is your ration limitations and you should know that they will not harm your health. However, if you have problems, it will be better to use a diet under physician’s control.

6. Calculate your metabolism.

Here will be very simple: to lose certain amount of weight a month you need to reduce only 200 kkal a day. Bu to know how many calories your body uses to keep your weight, you need to calculate your metabolism. For that you could use formula that is offered by American Association of Dietology – The Mifflin-St Jeor equations. It measures a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR):

– Male: BMR = 10×weight + 6.25×height – 5×age + 5- Female: BMR = 10×weight + 6.25×height – 5×age – 161

These equations require the weight in kilograms, the height in centimeters, and the age in years. To determine your total daily calorie needs, the BMR has to be multiplied by the appropriate activity factor, as follows:

* 1.200 = sedentary (little or no exercise)* 1.375 = lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week)* 1.550 = moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week)* 1.725 = very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week)* 1.900 = extra active (very hard exercise/sports and physical job)

During losing weight you need to come back to this formula – weight and calories amount will reduce.

7. Start to write a diary.

Actually it only seems that you absolutely eat nothing and you gain weight from air. The couple of days, spent with a food diary, will open eyes on many things. For example, how many packs of nuts have disappeared oddly on walk with the child or how many cookies has been intercepted from colleague table.

Write down in a diary everything that you eat for a day. It is not obligatory to carry notebook everywhere with you – records can be made in the computer or in mobile phone. Every concrete day, for example on Wednesday, you should step on scale with empty stomach. If you grow thin, it means that the program works, if not – search for a solution in a food diary.

8. Do not abuse yourself for failures.

If during party you were cheat and have eaten a piece of cake or have drunk a glass of champagne, it is not reason to begin a new life from next Monday: your way to an ideal figure still proceeds, simply now there has come time of the compelled stop, whereabouts you will must to run more actively.

9. Make your ration.

To eat only oatmeal – not an exit: you couldn’t keep it long, and the weight will return at once as soon as the oatmeal menu will sink into oblivion.

Try to cut down quantity of eaten food in day. Eat often, but small portions.

Probably, a “rule of one glass” could help you: you can eat so much food at one time, how many finds room in a standard lemonade glass.

Try to use the most high-calorie products in first half of day. About calories: it will be easier to you to be engaged in calculation of calories, instead of try to pop a piece of cake into glass.

10. Don’t exhaust yourself into frames.

Having achieved the goal and dreamed number on scales, again correct the diet. Now you could allow to yourself little beat more – up to 400 additional calories in a day.

But from this point you should pal with sport: give yourself easy loading at least 3 times a week and be engaged not less then half an hour. And massage, perhaps, will be not superfluous.

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