De-Stressing in Colorado – Spas

De-Stressing in Colorado – Spas

Article by Richard Rspad

From the sophistication of Denver to the stunning peaks of the Rockies, you do not need to stress out in Colorado. Any of these spas can take the edge off.

De-Stressing in Colorado – Spas

In midst of hectic and tiring schedules, a physical and mental rejuvenation experience is inevitable to refresh your body. Spas in Colorado will help you to avail body treatments as well as other specialized services. The pampering massages and energizing treatments of spas is recommended for rejuvenation and youthfulness by experts. Some of the famous spas in Colorado, which offer quality services, are as follows.

Oasis Spa is one of the top spas in Colorado. It offers elegant spa services to ease out the daily stress. The Oasis Spa ensures the refreshment of the entire body, and provides specialized services. The spa services include therapeutic massages, body treatments, eye and neck treatments, manicures and pedicures, spa tinting and waxing, and various skin care treatments such as European facial, paraffin mask facial, rosacea facial and aloe vera facial. Oasis Spa is located at 8600 Ralston Road (58th and Dover), in Arvada, Colorado. Please call 303-424-1042, to get an appointment.

In a holiday mood? You can relax your mind as well as body in Blissful Spirit Spa in Central City, Colorado. It offers a complete package of refreshment including the spa services as well as sight seeing. The Blissful Spirit Spa specializes in giving an advanced line of spa treatments including energy medicine treatments to promote self healing, assuring the pampering effect of spa treatment strategy. The spa services include four types of massage (Hot Stones, Full Body Kripula, Shiatsu and Swedish), aromatherapy, energizing foot treatments, facials, clay or mud therapy, hot tub hydrotherapy, moisturizing hand therapy, chakra balancing, body realignment, Reiki and yoga workshops. The Blissful Spirit Spa is located at 210 Hooper Street, in Central City, Colorado. You can make appointments by calling 303-582-5828.

Atmosphere Spa is another one of the top notch spas in Colorado offering comprehensive spa services in the stunning environment of Telluride. The spa services include Swedish/Relaxation massage, aromatherapy massage, ashiatsu, hot stone therapy, reflexology, atmosphere customized facial, multivitamin facial, environmental control facial acne corrective facial, facial enhancers, lactic booster, eye treatment, propolis ampoule, rubber neck massage, microdermabrasion facial, the anti-gravity collagen lift facial, electrolysis, waxing, tinting, manicure and pedicure. The exact location of Atmosphere Spa is at 50 West San Juan in Telluride, Colorado. Dial 970-728-0630 for further information.

The Woodhouse Spa is yet another top choice. The Woodhouse Spa services include facial treatments, microdermabrasion, body treatments, facial accompaniments, east meets west therapies, hand treatments, massage therapy, foot treatments, make-up center for the gentlemen, the art of bathing, and waxing services. The Woodhouse Spa is located at 941 E. 17th Avenue Denver, Colorado. For further information or an appointment, you can contact them at 303-813-8488.

As you can see, spas in Colorado are plentiful. Personally, I prefer Atmosphere Spa in Telluride, but I haven’t experienced them all.

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