Dance Your Way To Weight Loss Success – 5 Tips Revealed

Dance Your Way To Weight Loss Success – 5 Tips Revealed

Article by Ram Gupta

A lot of people look at their weight loss goals and plans and sigh heavily. Setting out to a fitness class, lugging yourself up on the treadmill and lifting weights may all seem like frightening chores. If they do, you needn’t be upset and disheartened. You can still lose weight fast with healthy exercise. Going to the gym is certainly not the only solution out there. How about losing weight, and having some fun while you are at it? Sounds ideal, right? Dance may just be straight down your street, the way to weight loss success.

1. Calories Burnt With Dancing

Any form of vigorous dancing is an excellent fast weight loss exercise, simply because it burns a LOT OF calories. In fact, in an hour of vigorous dancing, you can burn anywhere in the range of 400-600 calories, depending on your body weight and the intensity of the exercise. This is just as much as what you would burn with cycling, walking or swimming. No wonder dancing is regarded as one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can give your body.

2. Ideal For Weight Loss

According to most fitness and medical experts, two and a half hours of cardiovascular exercise a week is essential for an average person to maintain fitness and a healthy body weight. So, just by going for a couple of classes a week and practicing your moves at home every now and then, you could lose in the range of 1.5-2 kg a month. This is an ideal rate of weight loss. Obviously, this will only happen, if you also maintain a healthy and normal diet at the same time, which is not overloaded with junk meals and calorie rich foods.

3. The Most Effective Dance Forms

You may be wondering which are the most effective dances to lose weight fast. On an average, belly dancing and energetic Latin dances count as vigorous. So, if you are doing rumba, samba, salsa, jive, cha-cha or doble, you are in a very serious weight loss zone. Fast Jazz-style dancing and hip hop are also just as effective for weight loss, although hip hop is too acrobatic for most people’s capabilities. With the number of dance classes on offer these days, you could easily pick one that suits your interests and constraints best.

4. Other Health Advantages

Dance is not just a great weight loss exercise; it also keeps your cardiovascular system healthy and tones your muscles. With better toned muscles, your metabolic rate will go up, which means you will be burning more calories even while you are at rest. It also helps you with flexibility and has the potential to improve bone density in women.

5. Growing Popularity

The best part is that dancing as well as cardiovascular workouts adapted from different forms of dance are becoming increasingly popular amongst health and fitness aspirants. The result is a proliferation of gyms and centers that offer classes. You might easily find one in your neighborhood, and it is not likely to be too expensive either. So, there is nothing really to stop you from embarking on this fun weight loss program.

Apart from its health and weight loss benefits, learning a form of dance is also a very enriching cultural experience. Besides, you will also get a chance to make new friends and learn to love and connect with your body a lot more. So, are you already dancing your way to weight loss success. Good Luck!

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