Dahn Yoga Helps Relieve Arthritis and Other Health Issues

Dahn Yoga Helps Relieve Arthritis and Other Health Issues

Article by Larry Rosenberg

We usually assume that getting older means a loss of energy, strength, flexibility, purpose and even hope. And in their place: one or more major diseases and several minor conditions. For more and more people in the United States and around the world, the answer is holistic fitness training. In size, reach and reputation, one of the leading training systems globally is Dahn Yoga & Health Centers.

In her early 60s, Sandra lives in the Midwest. As a Dahn Yoga practitioner for more than three years, her case is typical of people who improve their physical health and emotional state through regular classes, individual healing sessions, advanced workshops, and practice at home or the office.

With Arthritis, Sandra experienced a life of pain and limitations, and other related health problems. Here are her words, “Before I started Dahn Yoga,several life events combined to create depression and several physical challenges. I retired from a 45-year working career, my sister had a mental breakdown, and my elderly mother passed away. Arthritis, two degenerated discs in my back, and soft tissue damage from a car wreck 40 years prior made getting out of bed in the morning very painful.

“I had to walk bent over from the waist for a few minutes before I could stand up strait. I had standing appointments with a chiropractor every 10 days. Activity always put me in pain, and without a routine to follow inactivity took over, thus losing interest in life. Although I did not do much, I was tired all the time. The local senior center offered free access to physical fitness machines, but somehow I could not get out my door by 10:30 a.m. to drive two miles and take advantage of those machines.”

Then Sandra found Dahn Yoga. As often happens with new members, her health improvement was quick and dramatic. She reported, “Within two weeks of beginning Dahn Yoga classes, I noticed an amazing increase in my energy level. I painted walls 13-feet high from a ladder. I felt alive again. Many of my women friends asked, ‘What are you doing? You’re glowing!’ I replied, ‘It’s Dahn Yoga.’ Although the drive from to my home to the center is often an hour, I still go at least three times a week.”

Like many other Dahn Yoga practitioners, Sandra made progress in several physical health areas. As she put it, “I noticed an immediate improvement in my back. I could get out of bed easily. I have been to see my chiropractor only five times in the past 3-1/2 years. I gained back one inch in height. I felt full of energy. Then my body changed. Weighing the same as I had six years before, I lost 19 inches in my arms, thighs, waist and bust. I am wearing clothes I wore when I weighed 20 pounds less than I am now. Even my eyesight got better. I went from 2.50 to 1.25 magnification.”

As typically occurs with Dahn Yoga training, improvements in physical conditions lead to feeling better emotionally. According to Sandra, “Driving in heavy traffic has always been a challenge for me. I became angry, frustrated and impatient. Thanks to my Dahn practice, it no longer bothers me. Switching lanes is not a contest or a personal insult any more. I’m relaxed, thinking, ‘It’s just traffic.’ The traffic has not changed, but I have.”

“A number of deep personal issues from long ago have resolved themselves. Because of the various programs that I have taken, which Dahn Yoga’s founder Ilchi Lee created, I do not feel guilt or shame for not succeeding in some life choices made a long time ago. After carrying these failure feelings for years, now I am free. This freedom improved my self esteem to where I felt good enough to start Internet dating. I am now in a serious relationship with a gentle, kind, thoughtful and funny gentleman.”

In a total health program, meditation plays a key role. This is Sandra’s viewpoint, “Meditation calms and centers me. I value the serenity. Dahn Yoga has taught me that there are many ways to meditate. The exercises in class put me into a meditative state. When I start my day with meditation, everything goes better. Little things simply do not bother me, and I handle the big stuff better. After being a typical Type A personality most of my life, I am happy now to be Type B.”

Dahn Yoga provides holistic health and brain education in the form of energy-training programs to individuals, families and communities. Dahn Yoga offers a wide range of innovative, highly effective preventive and restorative methods.

Through the 600 Dahn centers worldwide – currently in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Brazil),around 1 million people use its methods daily. In the United States since 1991, Dahn Yoga has 120 centers in 15 metropolitan areas.

Dahn Yoga improves one’s health by activating the energy system to maximize one’s natural self-healing power. It brings an experiential holistic balance to one’s life by awakening one to an integrative perspective toward life and the world. Through Dahn Yoga, one finds a way into one’s body, mind, and finally one’s self.

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Larry Rosenberg is associated with Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, which has been developed by Ilchi Lee.

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