Dahn Yoga Essentials DVD Trailer

Dahn Yoga Essentials, a new 90-minute Dahn Yoga workout DVD designed to create healthy ki (chi) energy flow in the body and restore one to optimal health, has recently been released by BEST Life Media, an independent publishing company in Sedona, Arizona. Now the deep stretching, meditative breathing, and energy awareness exercises taught in nearly 1000 Dahn Yoga centers worldwide can be learned and practiced in your own home. Dahn Yoga is a rapidly-growing holistic health program with roots in the traditional mind-body practices of Korea. These ancient exercises were modernized by South Korea native Ilchi Lee in the early 1980s to incorporate modern scientific understanding of mind-body health and to be easily practiced by most people. Unlike many styles of yoga, Dahn Yoga (www.dahnyoga.com) is based on the meridian system of Oriental medicine and focuses on creating correct and healthy ki (chi) energy flow in the body. In fact, the word Dahn means primal life energy, something practitioners learn to sense and control. According to Oriental medical philosophy, when the body is full of ki energy that circulates properly, the body, mind, and spirit all have optimal health. In addition to the main program, Dahn Yoga Essentials includes additional techniques that are distinctive and central to Dahn Yoga classes. Dahn Yoga Energy Breathing consists of five breathing and core-strengthening postures that are known to stretch, straighten, and center the body and mind. Brain Wave

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