Core, Shoulder & Spine Exercise Anatomical Girdle This exercise is for functional strengthening of the core muscles while performing every-day activities or lifting heavier weight in the gym. · Begin by activating your Anatomical Girdle Grip in a standing position. · Bend forward by tilting upper-body slightly forward with arm to the side and elbows at a 90O bend holding a stick. Please note This variation is the advanced phase of this exercise! · Extend arms forward and hold for 5sec., and continue movement for 5 reps. Repeat every 45mins. · With the use of a stick for postural accountability, maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement. · Progress the exercise by holding a light dumbbell in one hand and extending it forward for 5 sec. each rep, for 5 reps, and holding the opposite arm laterally with elbow at 90O.
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