Conscious Activist #3 – Running Out of Water on Earth, Go Vegan

Aloha Sangha! Today lets look at one of the most important resources… excuse me “the single most important” resource on the planet, water! If you thought it was oil… we’ve got a lot of work to do! Did you know water on this planet which seems to be in abundance is actually completely the opposite. There is very little fresh water available to us and when you factor in the cold hard reality that all of humanity (all seven billion of us) are practically doing nothing to sustain this resource, nurture it or protect it, our survival on planet earth quickly becomes an issue to say the least. The fact of the matter is, most people (I’d guess 90% of the US citizens at least) don’t think of water as a resource we think of it as something that comes out of the fountain, kitchen faucet or what we shower in. We fail to see that water (fresh water) goes through a very extensive process to become drinkable. In most places it takes a tremendous amount of energy and effort to transport clean, fresh and drinkable water. Since we don’t see this process in front of us and since we don’t walk ten miles to get a gallon of water we are ignorantly blind to life-cycle of water and even more blind with regard to how important water is to our daily survival. There is an alarming disconnect between Americans and the resource that gives us our very life. Our bodies are made up of over 66% water, even more so at birth (75%), yet we treat water like it’s this magical resource that flows without
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