Conception tips

Conception tips

Article by Shazia Shah

When trying for a baby you may have heard about al the different conceiving tips, conceiving positions, folic acid, etc. Try not to get ahead of yourself yet. Some useful conceiving help for men and women are as follows below.

Men – try and wear loose boxers or underwear., do light exercises, avoid junk foods, and smoking amd limit alcohol. All the above can influence and decrease sperm quality and sperm count, when you want to increase sperm count. Male fertility can be affected by many things but you need to see a doctor to confirm that everything is working fine.

Women – Female fertility is a different and more complex topic. Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS is a condition which can affect you having baby, it certainly does not mean you suffer from female infertility. When improving your chances to conceive try a healthy diet, avoid alcohol & smoking as they are harmful to your baby and can be a barrier to getting pregnant. Take Folic Acid to prevent spina bifida.

There are many conception tips sites or conceiving baby websites which offer help in increasing pregnancy, but our pregnancy health site offer free information which is constantly updated. How to conceive, is a difficult question to answer as there are so many features involved to getting pregnant quickly.

Use an ovulation calendar or ovulation chart to track your most fertile times and the best time to conceive.

Don’t buy into conception myths or pregnancy myths.

Conceiving tips

• Some conception tips to help you have a baby

• To increase Male fertility and you chances to conceive:

• Wear loose boxers and avoid tight trousers

• Decrease amount of alcohol and smoking which can affect fertility

• Limit the amount of exercise, cycling, and driving.

• Eat healthy

• Avoid hot showers and warm baths

• Avoid stress (both of you) which doesn’t help

• To increase Female fertility and your chances to conceive:

• Get your weight checked

• Always take Folic Acid when trying for a baby

• Eat healthy

• Avoid Alcohol and smoking as both can be dangerous if you get pregnant

• Use an Ovulation calendar or chart which can greatly increase your chances

About the Author

Shazia shah is the manager of numerous conception tips websites to increase your chances of having a baby. She has also been a leading web designer in our new male fertility website.

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