Common Yoga Poses for Men and Their Benefits

Common Yoga Poses for Men and Their Benefits

Article by Jeremy Monkhouse

Basically, yoga isn’t for ladies only. Today, more and more men are practicing the art of mediation and relaxation with the different types of yoga for beginners since one yoga class per week can build strength, prevent injuries and prevent heart disease.

Men in particular suffer from a lot of injuries such as tightness in the hips, shoulders and hamstrings which often leads to body weakness. Men sometimes over train themselves in sports which could result to repetitive stress and serious injuries. However, yoga is already a full-body workout that creates flexibility and strength. With yoga poses for men, men can do more than just strengthen their muscles and they will also reap the benefits of what yoga has to offer.

Here is a list of common yoga poses for men:

• Forward Fold- This pose stretches the calves, hamstrings and hips. Plus it also strengthens the knees and legs. This is great move to use as part of a warm-up for any workout.

• Downward-Facing Dog- This pose stretches the hamstrings, feet, shoulders and calves and it strengthen the arms and legs. Men often experience back pain due to the tightness in the hips and hamstrings. This pose releases those areas while building upper body strength. If you can only accomplish one pose a day, start with this basic pose.

• Chair- This pose stretches the shoulders and chest and strengthens the calves, spine, thighs and ankles. With this pose, you don’t have to hit the gym anymore. This pose burns abdominal fat while strengthening the legs and the thighs.

• Crescent Lunge- This pose loosens tight hips by stretching the groin. It is a fact that tight hips can cause lower back pain, knee strain and injury and this pose is pre-workout routine that opens the hips and loosen the muscles in those areas.

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