COACHING POWER YOGA Beth Shaw, Originator, YogaFit Training Systems Inc.

COACHING POWER YOGA Beth Shaw, Originator, YogaFit Training Systems Inc.

Article by Marques Reyes

What is Power YogaFit ? Power Yoga supplies a total body exercise that enhances power, cardiovascular condition, stability as well as overall flexibility. It additionally improves a person’s body consciousness, increases bodily control and facilitates body competence. Since it requires a highly thorough and integrated approach, yoga produces a longer, slimmer and much more graceful physique – also presently fashionable. Power Yoga likewise helps lessen anxiety, tension and exhaustion by means of its mindfulness, often quick movements and yoga breathing concentration. Power YogaFit is different from conventional yoga in that the poses link in a fluid heat developing technique. We relax only if totally needed. We warm up the body entirely with huge body moves prior to engaging in any complex or flexibility focused pose. We include fitness movements like sit-ups as well as push-ups, lunges and also holds. We make a cardiovascular exercise by repeating a number of poses rapidly once we are hot. We move from pose to pose with a full body workout target, all areas of the body are worked equally. This is not your mother’s yoga!!!Starting Out Instructing.Group Fitness instructors can start by initialing integrating yoga exercise postures straight into their already established lessons; step, spin, kick box and aerobic exercise. This gives a chance to get more comfortable with a few basic poses,Before Educating- Answer these key questions:1.Are you conscious of the AFAA and ACE Safety Guidelines of Contraindications ?2.Are you aware of exactly how these relate to Yoga?3.Have you been through a formal Yoga Teacher Training4.Are you comfortable PERFORMING the actual postures ?5.Are you comfortable TEACHING the postures ?6.Have you got a consistent yoga exercise ?For those who have answered yes to ALL of the above then its time to start.Creating the space: Many instructors training in fitness establishments don’t have the extravagance of free lighting and heating system controls. Power YogaFit is a superb option for the health and fitness atmosphere for this very reason. If possible dim the lights, switch off the Air-Con and select music for active yoga such as the YogaFit CD.Class Formatting : Regardless of whether you choose to include poses straight into your existing class or create a Power YogaFit Class, a warm up period is vital. In the same way we do not stretch out before exercise, we do not want to get into complex yoga poses just before our bodies are warm and ready to be presently there. Each class must start using at least three minutes of yoga breathing. This helps to clear the mind and ready the body. The breath is the single most important part of our own yoga exercise training. By breathing in and out from the nose we maintain the heat inside our body and focus the mind. Deep rhythmic breathing is the firm foundation on which we develop our Power YogaFit Practice. We continually go back to our breathing focus and have to continuously remind our students to do exactly the same.

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