Choosing The Right Yoga Class For You

Choosing The Right Yoga Class For You

Article by Jeremy S. Abrahamson

If you’re new to yoga then it might surprise you to know that not all yoga is the same. Depending on what you’re looking for in a workout and your ability level there are all kinds of yoga to suit your needs. One yoga class might differ from another quite significantly depending on the type of yoga that is being practiced.

You might want to try out more than one type of yoga class before deciding what kind is the right one for you. Everyone is different and so something that is recommended by a friend might not suit you in terms of pace and difficulty. Always do what feels good for you.

Where to Start?

If you have never been to a yoga class before then you should start slow with Hatha yoga. This may not be the trendiest yoga discipline out there but it’s great to introduce you to some of the basic and simpler poses in yoga. You can experiment with simple poses that have a focus on breathing, and stretch out all your muscles gently.

Another great way to start with your yoga workout is to try a beginner yoga class. These classes are tailored specifically for people who have no experience with the exercise and want to get a good grasp of the basics. A class like this may combine several disciplines into one workout so that you can get a taste of everything.

Shaking it Up

If you have a good fitness level and are used to exercising regularly then you might want to try a yoga class that is a little faster paced. Not all yoga is about slow movements and staying in poses for long periods of time. Iyangar yoga is a good workout if you don’t want something sedate.

This is also a great class if you love Pilates. Some of the bands and bricks that are commonly used in Pilates are also found in an Iyangar yoga class. Remember that this is not a good place to start for out of shape beginners. You could hurt yourself if you tried this type of yoga if you’re not in shape.

Turn the Heat Up

Another popular class that is getting a lot of buzz is the Bikram yoga class. This is a style of yoga that is performed in a heated room, and it’s also called hot yoga. Ideally the room should be heated to about 105F or 40C. There are a series of twenty-six poses that are performed with two breathing exercises. It’s not for everyone as it takes some getting used to the heat.

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