Cheap Home Gym – More Than 100 Exercises

Cheap Home Gym – More Than 100 Exercises

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Many people today have decided to lose weight and get in shape. For some this would mean shedding body fat– for others it may mean gaining muscle size.

But the one thing that most people have in common is their desire to –not spend a lot of money on exercise equipment… so the cheap home gym was born.

When people think of a cheap home gym they think of the traditional type of home gym.

Which meant free weights or dumbbells and this is the way currently — than most people believe that you can build a toned body. And why not, body builders and experts in fitness have used them for years.

But they do have some drawbacks as a cheap home gym.

These so-called “traditional home gyms” take up a lot of room in your home. Now if you have a huge 3600 ft.2 house or a big garage or basement that’s not a problem for you.

But if you’re a college student in living in a dorm or like many Americans and others living in an apartment– what do you do with theses huge gyms?

In addition to that, free weight-based gyms can damage your floors, they are noisy and typically will rust.

Fortunately today there are other products on the market that can fulfill your needs to gain a shapely and toned body and at the same time fit within everyone’s budget.

The cheap home gym of today should offer you variety in the exercises that you can perform. In addition there are isometric-based home gyms that will allow you to use them as a set of resistance bands or cable machine.

These isometric home gyms offer you the opportunity to workout quickly (typically a complete body workout takes between 5 to 7 minutes!) And they are light in weight (usually weighing less than 5 pounds) making it ideal for women, senior citizens or any individual that is not in great physical condition.

The range of resistance typically begins at 5 pounds and in certain exercises can be the equivalent of 600 pounds of resistance.

These cheap home gyms are whisper quiet so you won’t disturb anyone in your home as you workout with them. Once you’re done working out you can easily store them in a closet, underneath your bed — or just about anywhere.

The great part is that you can purchase one of these inexpensive home gyms for usually under 0.

This is a cheap home gym that certainly is worth you’re looking into.

Would you like to gain 10 to 20 lbs of muscle– double your speed–increase your strength by 300% and and blow torch the fat off your body– in no time at all?

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