Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver, Yoga Teachers Training in Vancouver, Yoga instructors in Vancouver

Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver, Yoga Teachers Training in Vancouver, Yoga instructors in Vancouver

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Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver offered by Divine light is suited to every kind of people to improve their lifestyle. Whether you are a yoga practitioner looking for a teacher, or a yoga teacher looking for registration, Divine Light is the best solution and our Yoga instructors in Vancouver teaching and promoting the many benefits of yoga and meditation.

Divine light is the well established Yoga Studio in Vancouver by Nakul Kapur who is Registered Senior Yoga Teacher in Vancouver and designed the Yoga programmes according to the requirements of the Yoga practitioners. Our Yoga programs are 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hour Advance Yoga teacher Trainings Course and 500 Hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program for Yoga Teacher Certification for new Students and Yoga Teacher Certification for Instructors. And with the first 10 enrolments for 300 hour advance Yoga Teacher Training program, you will get a contract for 100 classes @ a class at the upcoming divine light studio i.e. you get your fee back.

Our Yoga instructors in Vancouver are dynamically active and very famous for their vibrant and friendly nature, masterful techniques and deeply meditative teaching approach. They are available to everyone from yoga first-timers to advanced yoga students. Our Yoga Studio Vancouver is for both genders and all ages and designed to relieve stress, improve concentration, strength, postural alignment, flexibility, body awareness and stamina through a progression of yoga poses and breathing techniques. The studio offers a tranquil environment with high ceilings and natural sunlight.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program will develop a unique path to physical, mental and spiritual well being. Yoga is the union of the body, breath, mind and spirit and our Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver program develop the most profound union that is between the individual self and the universal self. When you practice all or any of the Yoga course at Divine Light, it leads to this supreme union of the universal and individual self. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver classes are rich in texture incorporating creative, juicy flow, athletic power, attention to breath, inspiring tunes, attention to body alignment and heart opening, and intuitive personal exploration.

Each Yoga instructors at Divine light presents the ancient tradition of yoga (postures, breathing exercises, meditation) in their own unique style based on years of practice and training. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver combines yoga postures, breathing, and meditation and our Yoga Studio Vancouver is a uniquely, beautiful studio with many options for all levels of Yoga, with very knowledgeable instructors so, that gives you supportive feelings. We provide the most specialized, convenient, affordable yoga courses and training for yoga teachers and yoga students. Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver teaches the classic yoga postures through a deep awareness of correct alignment and precise actions in the body.

The 200 and 300 hours Divine light yoga certifications are unique yogic programs that aim to cultivate and reveal the healer and master within you. 500 hours Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program offer master healing therapies for teachers who want to support and heal others on the path of self-realization. Divine light is professional standards for the practice of Yoga therapy in Vancouver. More people are getting certified by this Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver.

For more information please visit our website: http://www.divinelight.ca/

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Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver offers complete yoga to yoga student who looking for a Yoga teacher or a yoga teacher looking for registration. For more details, visit the website Divine Light .

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