Care from age 50 to live long

Care from age 50 to live long

Article by Jesus Sanchez

Physical activity is one of the main weapons that need to stay healthy and live longer. Take care and live in higher quality!

At age 45, DeEtta Sauer was a standing body. It was extremely obese and had heart problems so severe that her doctors told her she could expect “anything at any time. ” His career was consumed, had three children, smoked, drank and never exercising.

Sauer recalls a vacation in which he could not board a small boat for a family outing. “That’s when I realized it was an invalid choice. That could not blame anyone. “

Became the batteries began to lose weight by diet and exercise. He began to walk through his neighborhood in Houston and swim. Today, at age 69, competes in swimming for the elderly.

“(Swimming) saved my life, ” said Sauer, who says his best is the butterfly style, he learned to swim at age 62.

For coaches with clients over 50 years, Sauer is the ideal example, someone who is commitment, prevents injury and keeps the motivation, strength and endurance through fitness sessions thoughtful. Getting in shape at an advanced age, they say, is one thing to keep in state at 60, 70 and 80 years is another.

“You have to know when to stop running and start walking, when moving from tape to an elliptical machine treadmill as we age. can be very frustrating, with a big psychological impact, ” said Chris Freytag, yoga and pilates instructor and who contributed to the magazine Prevention.

“There’s always wear, but that does not mean you have to stop exercising, but you have to make some adjustments, ” said Freytag.


Pilates and yoga will allow a person to stay strong and flexible after 50 because they support easy adjustments as the years pass, experts say.

“The spine is vital. You have to keep healthy and strong. As we lose flexibility, it is important that our tendons and ligaments stay flexible and continue to circulate the fluids in our joints, “said instructor Denise Austin.

She recommends floor exercises to relieve pressure on the knees. Can not touch your toes? Use rubber bands to do the same stretches or replace weight training, which can be dangerous.

Arthritis can prevent you from holding weights. Take precautions. Do not lift much weight. Do stretching exercises. “You lose the technique, the weights will fall and hurt a shoulder. I saw him many times, ” said Austin.

The stretches are essential as we age, to reopen the joints and muscles after exercise. “The lower back and waist flexors numb a lot. One can not help stretching after exercise, ” said Freytag, who recommends at least 10 minutes of stretching after a session when the muscles still hot.

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