CAD Regression through life style changes

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) has assumed epidemic proportions world over becoming the number one killer disease. Conventional treatments offered to patients are not remedying the situation. Moreover, because bypass surgery & angioplasty are not addressing the root causes of CAD, patients are often required to repeat such procedures adding economic burden on those who can’t afford. Unhealthy lifestyle adopted by many is one of the main root causes of this disease. In this multidisciplinary project psychologists, physiologists, neuroendocrinologists, nutritionists, fitness experts, cardiologists, clinicians, spiritualists have been working for more than Five years to have a fresh look into the real psycho-physio-pathogenesis of CAD & role of healthy life- style program in management of CAD. Since then, more than a thousand CAD patients in above 50 groups have participated in healthy life-style program organized by JWM Global Hospital and Research Centre, Mount Abu at its campus & Shantivan complex, Abu Road. It has been observed that among a great number of these patients, the process known as atherosclerosis, in which Coronary Arteries became progressively narrowed, can be reversed through the adoption of the healthy life-style program. This includes stress management through Raja Yoga Meditation, low fat high fibre vegetarian diet, and moderate aerobic exercise (morning walk & evening stroll).
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