Building Exercise Fitness Gyms at Home

Building Exercise Fitness Gyms at Home

Article by Shan Perera

There are many different ways to build exercise fitness gyms at home without spending a lot of money doing it. Fitness can be achieved through exercise workouts at home with a minimal amount of equipment, often using common household furniture and materials to achieve certain workouts. With the price of gym memberships skyrocketing, in addition to the popularity making them crowded and often not for the shy and beginner exerciser, creating an exercise fitness gym at home is a reasonable choice that can provide the workouts desired, accountability if needed, and variety in choices.


A traditional exercise fitness gym at home often had a weight set that was kept in the garage and a treadmill that was kept in some bedroom corner. Each of these items alone can cost at least a gym membership for a year, five to six hundred dollars on average, and together are a significant investment that novice exercisers may not want to spend. In addition, home gyms, while nice in that they provide many different exercises that can be done with a single machine, can cost anywhere from a year to six years of a gym membership to purchase, which can be a set-back to some individuals.

Since exercise programs, especially those that are done from fitness gyms at home, require some accountability. One of the best ways to start is to find a friend who also wants to get on track with an exercise program is to agree on days to go on brisk walks or jogs. This allows for accountability and companionship, which makes the time go more quickly while exercising and also makes it fun and more likely to be consistent. In addition, these walks or jogs can be done in different areas for variety, as well as utilizing the option to participate in community fun runs or walks for different causes, giving extra incentive to train. These cardio vascular programs do not require any equipment to be purchased to do this exercise fitness program at home, yet they provide a great workout to those who utilize it.

Another option for an exercise fitness gym at home is to buy a jump rope, light dumbbells, and an aerobics or yoga DVD. There are many different exercises that can be done with these simple materials which only cost about fifty dollars, depending on the number of dumbbells purchased. These activities can also be done with a friend, which also gives accountability to the strength portion of the workout plan.

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