Breech Baby Position Exercise #1 For Pregnant Women Hello and welcome. I am Dr. Katie Sleigh with Sleigh Family Chiropractic. Today I would like to introduce all pregnant women to an exercise to try to prevent and avoid breech presentation of their babies. It is called the breech tilt positioning exercise. As always, it important for you to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise to make sure that it is safe for you. A few weeks before birth your baby normally moves into the delivery position with the head downward. The breech presentation, however, is when the baby remains in a foot or buttocks down position. A breech presentation should be avoided if possible since there are certain risks associated with it. This simple exercise is not guaranteed to turn your baby to the vertex, or head down position, but it encourages your baby to do so. It is more effective when you start this exercise earlier on in pregnancy and it can be done at home. For this exercise you will need A yoga mat or towel pillows or couch cushions and a couch or chair. This exercise should be done on an empty stomach. If you get light headed or begin to experience pain, stop doing the exercise and consult with your doctor Lie on your back on the yoga mat or towel with ankles resting on a couch or chair. Your bottom should be positioned near the edge of the couch or chair. Lift your pelvis into the air by pushing downward with your feet. Place the pillows or cushions under your bottom so they support your

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