Breathing With Yoga

Breathing With Yoga

Article by Parry P

Yoga deals with the spirit and mind. Yoga helps to reduce stress. When a person feels relentless thoughts turn in his/her mind, and finds it difficult to shut off the valves, thus it is an apparent sign of stress.

When a person takes care of his/her body, and includes daily exercises into his or her life, it is the process of keeping stress at recess. In addition, when a person takes time to add mental and emotional retreat to their daily lives, it is the beginning of a better future. One of the traditional methods people have used for years is the process of yoga, which works through mediation. Mediation makes room for natural breathing, and provides openness for mantra, as well as visualization. The gateway takes you to an inner arena that forces the mind to relax. When the mind starts to relax, you begin to see inner actions unfold, which include your powers of instincts coming to the fore. The natural instincts will guide you through self-healing processes that reverses the actions of stress.

Yoga helps you to breathe naturally while relaxing the body and mind. Yoga also enforces awareness, which helps you to regulate the processes of breathing. When you start to breathe naturally, the mind and body will begin to relax. In addition, when the body and mind is relaxed it puts you in touch with your spiritual side.*

When you use yoga to become aware of your natural breathing habits, you can learn to put those old habits behind you. Sometimes we fail to take deep breathes during the day hours, and night hours, (Holding the breathe believing that the problems will disappear) this rarely happens, and when we practice bad breathing tactics it affects the mind and body in a painful way.

Yoga places emphasis on the way we breathe. Yoga is the science and art that helps us to form control over our breathing. To help you appreciate how yoga works as a benefit to you, we can act out on the Flowers of Lotus. Lotus helps a person to focus on his/her posture, (Symbol), breathing, meditation focus, and attitude.

*NOTE: God breathed, the-breathe of life into man…The concept of yoga is to enforce natural breathing to restore the breath of life.

Let’s practice Lotus to see how it works while concentrating on our posture, (Symbol), breathing, meditation focus, and attitude.

How the Half Lotus Works:Half Lotus works in a way that the soul rests comfortably on the floor. The full lotus is sometimes difficult for a person to practice at the start, since the knees rest on the ground, while the feet and resting on the thighs; and the heels are touching the lower stomach area.

The half lotus: Sit on the floor with your posture straight. Stretch your legs in front of you to start and then bend the left knee. Slowly rest the left foot placing it under the right thigh…You want to make sure that the foot is near the buttocks as close as your body will allow. Now position the right knee, resting the foot on the left thigh. Keep your posture in position, (Straight) and the knees resting on the floor? Now, place your palms at the end of the knees and circle the thumbs and pointing fingers so that they touch.

Now relax…allow the mind to focus on your posture. Continuing focusing on the posture until it becomes a symbol that you recognize. Allow your discomforts to rest, by promoting acceptance. Now focus on your breathing. Let your breath to flow naturally. Practice controlling your breathing through the nose. Once you gain control, start to meditate. Focus on a burning candle (Light one if you have not) or some other object of choice. Now, repeat mantra, or hymns. Concentrate on the object as you mantra while observing your breathing. Allow your thoughts to roam freely without interrupting them, and move to view your attitude. Continue!

Breathing With

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