Breast Enhancement: Enhancing Exercises

Breast Enhancement: Enhancing Exercises

Article by Andrew Stratton

Breast enhancement surgeries can be expensive. Not only is the procedure itself pricey, taking time off work for the recovery can deplete your wallet as well. Meeting with a surgeon, paying for the implants and the procedure all add up to a hefty bill.

Enhancing pills and creams aren’t cheap either. And, it is questionable whether or not they actually work. Over the few months recommended for the pills and creams before you see results, you could spend hundreds.

It is safe to say that you should just keep saving for that breast enhancement surgery that you have always dreamed about. While you are saving, if you are antsy to get some sort of satisfaction while you wait for a bigger bust, do some simple exercises that have enhancing qualities.

When you are doing these exercises, you are doing double duty. Not only are you enhancing your bust, you are enhancing your overall muscle tone. Strength training is also a great way to keep your bones healthy and strong. So, be happy knowing that you are doing exercises that are not just going to make your breasts look great; they are going to make you look and feel great.

One of the easiest exercises for breast enhancement comes with the use of dumbbells. Find a light pair. A pair of three pounds dumbbells will work best, but if you don’t have those two or five pounds could work as well. Do not use more than five pounds. Not only could you injure yourself if you aren’t used to weight training, you could create too much bulk to see good results.

With the dumbbells, either stand up against a wall or lie down on the floor. Bring the weights together in front of your chest. Make sure you aren’t gripping the dumbbells too strongly. Lightly hold them and bend your elbows slightly. Doing this will concentrate the workout to your chest and pectoral muscles. Do this ten times for about three repetitions.

With those same dumbbells, make a pushing motion. Push the dumbbells away from your chest slowly and in a controlled motion. Again, make sure you are not gripping the weights too tightly. This exercise can be combined with the previous exercise and you can repeat for three repetitions.

Of course, everyone is familiar with the good, old-fashioned push-up. Doing just a few push-ups every day will tone your arms and increase your pectoral muscles, enhancing your breasts.

If you are familiar with yoga, you will know that there are several positions that focus on the muscles of the chest. As you go through these familiar exercises, take your time to breath into the position, really working to focus your mind and energy into the breasts.

If you can’t afford breast enhancement surgery right now, there is no reason to sit around waiting for your piggy bank to fill. Simple, every day weight training is a great way to be proactive about enhancing.

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