Boxing is an excelent ardio weight loss exercise

Boxing is an excelent ardio weight loss exercise

Article by Romualdo Menzon Jr.

Boxing has become an extremely popular cardio weight loss exercise. People have finally started to notice what the sport has to offer. The main reason why there were so few who ventured into the sport before, was its image of being something that was only for the professional/amateur fighters. People felt intimidated by the real boxers that they got to train with and felt out of place. Today though this doesn’t happen anymore. There are now so many people who want to learn how box that more and more boxing gyms keep popping up to meet the demand.

What’s great about boxing is the intensity that the sport demands from those who want to learn it. The training sessions are very rigorous and engaging. A normal one will require hours of mitt hitting, bag hitting, jump ropes and shadow boxing. It provides such a great cardio weight loss exercise and it is done at intense levels that it not only burns fat but builds muscle as well.

Anyone who decides to try boxing should look for a gym that is very accessible. The sport can become very addicting and you want to make sure that you can get there quickly whenever you feel like hitting the mitts. Also consider the equipment that you will need as a new student. Most boxing gyms will allow you to borrow some gloves and wraps initially but this isn’t advisable since these tend to be very smelly and sweat drenched. It is best for hygiene purposes that you go to the gym with your own set of wraps, gloves and towel.

Lastly make sure you pick the right trainer for you. Most of the boxing gyms will allow you to choose who you want to train under so find one who fits your personality.

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