Boost Your Metabolism With These 5 Easy Exercises

Boost Your Metabolism With These 5 Easy Exercises

Article by Vic Johnson

The foods we eat as humans as well as drinks we ingest into our bodies contain many calories that the body has no use for other than as energy for body functions, movement, etc. It therefore burns those calories to produce energy for everyday activities such as walking, driving, sports, etc. Whatever it doesn’t use it stores as fat. The process of burning calories is known as metabolism.

Having a low metabolic rate comes with so many disadvantages such as accumulation of body fat and weaker immune system, which makes the body susceptible to many medical infections and diseases. This is the reason why many people are looking for ways to increase their rates of metabolism. Here are 5 easy exercises that can be relied upon to boost your rate of your metabolism and thereby help you to lose weight at a very quick (but safe) pace.

One of the easiest exercises you can do to boost your metabolism is to eat small quantities of food at least four-five times a day. Most people try to lose weight by starving themselves or eating just a few times everyday but this has been proven to be ineffective. This is because having a few meals per day slows down the metabolic rate of the body as there is absence of constant energy to fuel the metabolism. Just taking the current amount of food you eat everyday and dividing that into 4-5 meals would by itself cause weight loss over time.

Working out on the treadmill regularly is another easy exercise that you can do to boost your metabolism. You should workout for at least half an hour every morning and you should alternate between intense movement and average movement as this has been shown to be every effective in the burning of calories.

One very effective way of boosting your metabolism is by using the stairs in your office regularly instead of the elevator. You can even climb up and down the stairs of your home at a quick pace for several minutes every morning or evening as a form of regular exercise.

Weight lifting is also a very effective and easy way of boosting your body’s rate of metabolism. It’s one of the quickest ways and you should try to engage in it with heavy weights several times every week for effective weight loss. Even using light weights, when done effectively, can be very beneficial. * Hold a pair of dumbbells with your arms hanging at your sides.* Step out with your right foot so your legs are staggered.* Keep your torso upright and lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor.* Raise yourself back up into the staggered stance.* Do 8-10 reps* Switch legs and repeat.

Constant walking is also very effective in boosting the metabolic rate of humans. You only have to try to walk intensively and your calories will burn faster from the increased rate of metabolism. When shopping park in the parking space that is the greatest distance from the store you’re entering. Same goes for parking at work. If you’re in a multi-story parking garage go to the top floor and walk down (so you’ll have to walk back up to leave).

Finally, one of the very best things you can do to boost your metabolism is to closely observe the habits of those who already have great metabolisms. Granted, because of heredity some will have great metabolisms despite all of their bad habits. But most have great metabolisms because of their simple everyday habits.

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