Bikram yoga v/s standard yoga

Bikram yoga v/s standard yoga

Article by Eric Mayars

Exercise helps you stay fit and healthy. It keeps you away from all kinds of health related problems. It helps you overcome many health problems and also helps you strengthen your body muscles and bones. Besides gym, there are some other ways of exercise like jogging, walk and Yoga. Yoga has its origins centuries back and is followed religiously by many to have a healthy life. There are many variations to this very old form of exercise. It was initially taught by gurus at the ashram to their shisyas (disciples) along with the study of arms and religious scriptures. As time passed this exercise also underwent drastic change. It is now taught at yoga retreats and meditation retreats. There are many different forms of yoga such as – Rajyoga, Kripalu yoga, Power Yoga, Bikram yoga etc. every form has its own benefits and asanas. This makes it different from others. Some might help you relax, some might help you lose weight and some might help to follow a healthy routine so that you do not face any health issues. One such yoga is Bikram yoga. This as mentioned above is different from the other forms for some special features that make it special and different. Unlike the Standard yoga, this form is not very old and has a recent origin. It was introduced in the 20th century. Bikram Chaudhary introduced this form of yoga which is also known as Hot Yoga in US. This is a recent development and addition to various forms this exercise. It is not a very old exercise. It was found towards the end of 20th century by Bikram who is an instructor in India. He taught this exercise to around 3 million aspiring students and later the American Medical Association asked him to bring this concept to America. It is known as Hot Yoga because the postures in this form of exercise is practiced in a heated room. It basically rejuvenates and strengthens the entire body and mind. This exercise is practiced in a hot room. The temperature of the room is 105F and the humidity is maintained at 40, whereas other forms are practiced in normal rooms or open surroundings like a park. The other forms have many different poses and all these poses are not included in every session. However, for Bikram yoga, the session of 90 minutes includes all the 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. This poses when practiced in hot room as mentioned above also helps in weight loss besides many other benefits. Thus, this form of yoga is different from Standard yoga. However, the basic aim is the same – Healthy mind and body.

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