Bikram Yoga Mat for Bikram Yoga Poses

Bikram Yoga Mat for Bikram Yoga Poses

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One Essential Piece of Equipment for Bikram Yoga Poses: the Bikram Yoga Mat

A Bikram yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment for executing Bikram Yoga Poses during a yoga class, just as any yoga mat is essential for anyone learning how to do yoga, since these mats help the individual to properly participate in the workout. Since Bikram yoga poses are done in extremely high heat so that the individual sweats a lot during the class, a Bikram yoga mat must not become slippery when it is wet. There are some mats that have a protective and washable cover that goes over them which is used to absorb some of the moisture and help to reduce this possibility. Bikram yoga mats should also give a certain amount of padding to the individual since many of the poses are done on the mat itself and would be very uncomfortable to do on a hard surface. Despite needing a certain amount of padding, a Bikram yoga mat should not be too thick either, since other Bikram yoga poses are balancing poses which a mat that is too squishy can cause the individual to lose his or her balance.

Bikram Yoga Poses

Besides the Bikram yoga mat, there are only a few things that are needed for an individual to get the most out of the Bikram yoga poses. Since it is done in high heat, the individual will sweat a lot and needs to constantly be rehydrating, drinking from his or her water bottle. This sweating is good for the body because it helps to remove toxins from the body, allowing the toxins being removed from the muscles through stretching to have a place of release. Drinking water additionally allows these toxins to get flushed from the bloodstream.

Clothing that is needed for the Bikram yoga poses class is slightly different for men than for women, whereas the Bikram yoga mat can be the same for each as it is for those taking part in core power yoga. Women should wear a tank top or sports bra that has a higher neckline. T-shirts tend to get in the way of movement in the different poses and low topped sports bras tend to allow accidents to occur when larger breasted women turn upside down in certain poses. Women should also wear shorts or biking shorts to complete the outfit which are also appropriate for men to wear to the classes. Men should also wear tank tops or some even choose to go without a shirt due to the extreme sweating experienced in the classes. In addition to the clothing, participants also find it useful to have a small towel handy so if sweat gets into the eyes they have a way to quickly wipe it out while still retaining the pose.

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