Bikram Yoga Health Benefits

Bikram Yoga Health Benefits

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Bikram Yoga integrates all aspects of a balanced fitness program in workout-cardio, strength & flexibility. Based on the ancient practice of Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga makes use of a carefully ordered series of 26 poses (asanas). The 90-minute sequence of poses systematically warms and challenges your body. Bikram Yoga pioneered the use of a heated surroundings in the coursework of yoga classes. The heated room, between 95 & 110 degrees, warms up every muscle, tendon, & ligament in your body. This prevents injury & lets you accomplish maximum flexibility. You’ll also find yourself sweating, which means you’re releasing body toxins.

Bikrm Yoga is different from any other workout you have ever done. It is equally suited to seasoned fitness buffs as well as those who are new to fitness or who have health issues. It is non-competitive & non-aggressive, but that doesn’t mean it is simple. You work as hard as your body will let you, & that is different for everyone.

Yoga for your body

Bikram affects every process in your body. It helps release the toxins that build up in your process, helps regulate your blood pressure & blood sugar levels, & improves your circulation. Regular practitioners of Bikrem Yoga find it simpler to accomplish & maintain a healthy weight. Those who are affected by chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or diabetes find that Bikram Yoga helps them to improve or eliminate those medical conditions. In today’s crazy world, it is all simple to become distracted and unfocused. The concentration necessary in the coursework of a Bikrm Yoga workout trains your mind to get and stay focused. The hormonal balance engendered by hot Bikram Yoga helps you deal with life’s day to day stresses and increases your ability to think clearly.

Yoga for your spirit

Yoga stimulates the endocrine method to release the hormones, such as endorphins, that help keep you in balance emotionally. Regular practice of Bikram Yoga diminishes or eliminates depression & anxiety & lets you accomplish more restorative sleep. You’ll feel more confident, easygoing & relaxed, experiencing more joy in your every day life.

In a Bikram Yoga class, your only competitor is yourself. You’ll never feel pressured to keep up with somebody else. You take it at your own pace, taking breaks as you need them. Listen to your body, over time you’ll see an amazing difference in the way you feel, look and move. More vigorous forms of yoga are also highly effective weight-loss tools.

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