Bikram Yoga for Beginners

Bikram Yoga for Beginners

Article by Sanki Linkon

Yoga for beginners originated in India. It is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word known as yoga or addition. It is like adding mental and spiritual discipline to your body and mind. Yoga is a state of attaining physical and mental power by which a person can earn immunity, tranquility and gain spiritual happiness. Bikram Yoga is a modern day yoga which has been patented by instructor Bikram Choudhury.Yoga for beginners is difficult and needs a lot of regular practice. One has to be mentally prepared to attend regular sessions of yoga. Perseverance and patience is the key factor to learn good yoga. But once you have learnt the lesson well, then there is no looking back. Yoga is a medium of practice which has proved wonders throughout the world. Yoga has healed and cured millions of people all over the world, provided it is done in the correct posture and with the help of a proper yogic instructor. It restores health and gives a lot of positive attitude towards life. Yoga itself means adding good things in your life. In Sanskrit it signifies yoga or attachment. Meditation is a prime factor of gaining patience and attaining spiritualism. Yoga for beginners aids in being happy and maturing into a wonderful person. Bikram yoga is pre-defined in many ways. It is the latest kind of yoga where it involves the latest theories for retaining youth by means of yoga and driving away the inner human illness. Every man wears down with age and loses the charming youthfulness. Bikram yoga helps in being lively and youthfulness. It helps in building attentiveness and patience through meditation. The yoga of action which is also known as Karma yoga means that a person can attain happiness only through work. Work can bring in peace and tranquility. There can never be an alternative to this kind of yoga. With work one can earn money and fulfill one’s needs. Money can bring in temporary happiness, but regular work keeps a person fit and gives immense joy and mental pleasure. Second form of yoga is the Bhakti yoga which helps a person to attain devotional bliss. One who worships an idol or any person can achieve emotional and mental satisfaction by dedicating one’s life totally in the name of that follower. Bhakti yoga is yoga in the form of devotion which aid in spiritual happiness. Last is the Jnana Yoga, also known as the yog for knowledge. Achieving knowledge, build in confidence and in return gives immense happiness. The Bikram Yoga, as it is popularly known as, was first initiated by Bikram himself. He has designed the structure of the asana and imparts their immense effect on day to day lives of the people. He has popularized the detailed strategy of techniques and made them easy for the beginners. Yoga for Beginners is a ninety minute practice in his classroom. It consists of 26 yogic postures and two easy breathing asanas.

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Sanki Linkon is a renowned yoga expert who offers yoga lessons online. In this article he discussed the various postures of Yoga For Children, especially the benefits of Yoga For Meditation . To know more about his views on various yoga postures visit

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