Bikram Yoga – An Overview

Bikram Yoga – An Overview

Article by Nil Jonee

You might be familiar with the name of yoga poses if you are an ardent follower of yoga on the whole. It won’t be an overstatement to maintain that hardly any other school of yoga has attained much acclaim and respect among the yoga followers throughout the world. Initiated as a regional form of practice, Guru Bikram Choudhury has taken his mantra to the remote parts of the world. Now people irrespective of generations throng to his yoga classes for attaining the miraculous benefits.

Bikram yoga poses the brainchild of yog guru Bikram Choudhury who started his career in Kolkata, India in the late 20th century. His Yoga College at Kolkata in India still runs prosperously. His wife Rajashree has been a great accompany for him all through the path to his success. Now, you can get yourself admitted to Yoga in the US as well.

One must admit that yoga is not that typical piece of yogic practice that you are acquainted with. It is rather a fitness program that maintains the yogic overtone for the psychic development. It is a complete different world with a modern outlook to the present day yoga. Performing Bikram yoga might be entertaining for you. These yoga postures are exactly befitting to the age. Hence, yoga might be the perfect choice when you are looking for balance between exercise and yoga.

You would naturally feel keen to know what exactly you get to learn from Bikram yoga poses on the whole. In short, you can anticipate a complete revival therapy of your body and mind. yoga classes run up to 90 minutes at a stretch. You need to perform 26 asana or postures within this time. Within these 26 postures overall, the followers need to practice two pranayam.

Did you know that yoga is also popular by the term hot yoga? Interestingly, Bikram yoga makes its disciple working out in a temperate condition, heated to 105 degree F with humidity of 40%. No wonder you sweat profusely while performing the yoga postures. This sweating works as a magical therapy for reducing the flab from your body. Bikram yoga in fact is now quite popular all around for preaching an effective and interesting technique of weight loss.

One of the commonly asked questions on Bikram yoga is why the yoga poses are encouraged to perform in heated rooms. The leader of this thought is in the opinion that the heat opens and rejuvenates the energy channels of the body while making it flexible. You can easily realize that a flexible body is more capable of performing yoga appropriately. Besides, sweating while performing these yogic postures reduces the risk of injuries overall.

Now with so many innovations and exceptions, anyone would of course feel eager to know the core benefits of Bikram yoga. This is a fantastic manner to stretch out muscles, limps and tendons. Bikram yoga has an inevitable detoxification effect on the practitioners. In addition to these, you can try the Bikram postures for curing ailments like arthritis, diabetes, thyroid, obesity and many more life-style disorders.

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