Bikram yoga- a step towards healthy life

Bikram yoga- a step towards healthy life

Article by Ankit Pandey

The origination of Yoga goes back to its roots in India. Yoga is a kind of physical and mental exercise focusing on meditation as well. It has been practiced in India since centuries. Such a system of yoga was being produced by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram yoga is given a name after its founder.Bikram Yoga encompasses 26 yoga postures as well as two breathing exercises. The yoga is performed and practiced in a room that has a temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. Why such heat is essential? Many of you would know, but those who donot know about the heat session, Bikram hot yoga allows you to enter practice yoga poses easily and safely. It allows you deep penetration into those poses. With this technique, your body can become flexible and allows you to perform those poses which you once thought to be impossible. It not only allows you a healthy external body, but enhances your internal organs as well.The Bikram yoga focuses on general health and wellness. It allows individuals to enhance their health by stimulating each body organ. Bikram yoga claims to rejuvenate you by escalating blood circulation. It refreshes you throughout mind and body, heart and soul since Bikram yoga claims to provide many additional benefits. ]What are these additional benefits? Bikram yoga claims to exhilarate your body and free it from toxic substances. It allows you to stretch and broaden your body tissues the way they should be. According to Bikram Choudhury, every person makes use of 50% of his/her lung ability, thereby leaving scope for another 50% usage which can increase the blood circulation. Bikram yoga allows you to enhance that blood circulation. One of the biggest advantages of Bikram yoga is that it can be performed by people suffering from unremitting health ailments like thyroid and diabetes. The 26 asanas or exercises are- pranayama series (standing deep breathing), ardha chandrasana with pada-hastasana (half moon pose with hands to feet pose), utkatasana (awkward pose), garudasana (eagle pose), dandayamana

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