Best power and speed training work out – run faster and jump higher with VertiMax – This video will show you how and why Vertimax has become the world’s leading sports performance training system allowing work outs that provide optimal speed and vertical jump performance gains. Used by over half the NFL, NBA and MLB teams, VertiMax delivers results that can elevate sports performance of athletes competing at any level of competition. Optimal development of athletic speed and power is achieved by maximizing the rate at which muscular force can be generated. The faster an athlete can generate force, the more explosive they are going to be. As an athlete’s explosive power increases, so will their ability to accelerate and jump. However, it is very important to note that the strength an athlete develops in the weight room will not effectively translate to explosive power in competition unless low velocity power lifting is combined with light-load high speed explosive training. Whether your sport is or optimal speed and power development can not be accomplished with low velocity training workouts used for developing muscle strength, namely heavy workouts with slow repetitions. Slow moving repetitions with heavy weight are great for developing low velocity strength but they do not allow athletes start repetitions explosively or accelerate throughout the repetition to achieve high training velocities which is required to develop high speed strength or great
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