Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat – Your Ultimate Guide

Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat – Your Ultimate Guide

Article by Carol Oon

Enjoying a healthy, belly fat free and light lifestyle is a matter of changing bad habits into good ones. If you’re starting to engage yourself with the best exercise to lose belly fat, congratulations! You should feel good about your accomplishments.

If you wanted to lose more than what you’re losing right now, you probably haven’t reached your lose-that-belly-fat goal yet. That’s fine. Just continue what you’re doing and let this article provide you of other exercises/workouts to help you achieve your goal in no time.

1. Get on the ball. The stability ball is one good exercise that helps you lose belly fats fast. Take for example the pikes position. This is a kind of routine that mainly uses the stability ball as supporting fitness equipment in trimming the abdominals and upper body. What you need to do is roll your body on top of the ball and walk your arms forward. Next, you need to lift your hips up while bending both your knees towards your chest (execute this position while you’re still on top of the ball). Afterwards, extend your knees and lower your hips, then go back to starting position.

2. Sit at a rowing station. This fitness equipment leads to a more trimmed and toned abdominal area. One good example is the seated shoulder tug position. All you have to do is sit at a rowing station and grab the bar with both hands. Remember to concentrate on keeping a good form by means of maintaining your back perfectly still. Without bending your elbows, pull the bar towards you. This allows the posterior deltoid and your mid section to obtain some burning and toning sensation during the moves.

3. Take a dance class – belly dancing. This is one enjoyable and beneficial exercise specifically targeting the abdominal area. Just so you know, belly fat is suitable for all ages, gender and body types contrary to what is believed that belly dancing is only meant for young women. This is a sensual yet effective form of exercise that tones major muscle groups in the body and targets not just the belly, but also the arms, legs, hips and the entire body in general. The arm movements, belly rolls and hip shakings assist in burning fats specifically on the midsection, and also improve flexibility as well as posture.

4. Running. This perhaps is the best exercise to lose belly fat. Running can help you lose significant amounts of calories and is an efficient fat burning routine. To provide further motivation, you should run with purpose. Running like you have somewhere to go makes the routine pleasurable. For calorie burning, running 40 to 60 minutes, five days a week is considered ideal. It sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, you’ll build up to that level in no time. To make your routine more pleasurable, it is best to put more variety into your exercise program like bike riding, walking, swimming and taking on aerobics class among others.

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