Benefits of Yoga for Men

Benefits of Yoga for Men

Article by DerekandJennifer

Yoga has a moderately bad wrap in the male mind despite all the positive contributions it makes to your body. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “I hate yoga” or “I don’t DO yoga!” I undoubtedly understand that yoga is not easy, for beginners OR sophisticated yogis. I had my issues when I first began.

Yoga poses are not the type of contortions we get ourselves into every day, nevertheless the benefits of learning how to master yoga positions will add to your daily well-being like no other exercise can.

You see, the ‘movements’ we do day after day are characteristically not great for our physical development. Whether you are on your feet for work or sitting at a desk- without focused activities to build strength and add flexibility to the muscular structure, the time you spend outside of a workout is fairly tough on your body. Tougher than yoga if you can believe that!I used to work in the construction industry. Many of my days, although not all, were spent doing arduous labor. On several back-breaker days in the workweek I would spend my time digging up trenches, then other days doing very little followed by workdays spent climbing up and down ladders. As a result, my calorie burn remained high, but my body ached without fail. Nightly, back pain would keep me from sleeping well or have me hurting when I woke up in the morning. Eventually I learned that what killed my back wasn’t a ‘bad mattress’ or the type of work I was doing, it was that during my off hours I wasn’t building the muscles my body needed for the strain I put on my skeleton during the regular course of my day. The negative self-talk that I had regarding yoga, and the same talk many others are inflicted with, was that “I do physical labor all day so I don’t need to work out” or “I don’t have the time or energy when I get home.” Wrong! My fitness needed Yoga. I found that yoga was the particular form of exercise that my body looked-for to build the all-important stabilizer muscles that enables the rest of the body to perform at an optimum level.At its roots, yoga builds strength to withstand long days and it helps keep the body limber, flexible, and strong. Through cardio poses, I am able to build the heart and lung strength that keeps me energized during my awake hours.Is yoga a tough workout to get through? Of course! “Nothing worth doing in life is easy”, right? Think about the things that, at one time in your life, you couldn’t do at all but now they are no big deal. Walking, tying your shoes, riding a bike, skiing, and/or performing tasks for your job. You do these things now without a care. Yet, all of these took practice to master, and perhaps quite a bit of it! Had you not stuck it out in learning, you might still be crawling around, wearing Velcro shoes, sharpening pencils, or getting parts for others.

Yoga takes focus, perseverance, strength and balance. As with learning any new skill, in order to succeed, you need to focus mentally to get past the physical short-comings. Somewhere in life we began thinking that we should be great the first time we tried something, and if not, walk away, never to touch it again. There is no growth in that. As a society we have gotten accustomed to using our backs instead of brains.

Working harder – not smarter.So begin by telling yourself that yoga will be initially challenging since the poses are brand new. And know that you won’t be perfect with what you are asked to do but you are here to learn so that is okay.

You are here to master something that will add to your life.When performing yoga poses, be sure to breathe deeply. The long, deep breaths serve a couple purposes – to calm the tense mental and physical aspects of the exercise and to oxygenate the muscles. That is exactly what your body will require to quench that FIRE. What’s more, breathing deep will keep you from coming out of a pose too soon. The natural tendency many have is to hold their breath.

Overcoming that negative natural response with intent and purpose will serve you well.

By the way, if your legs catch “fire” while holding any of the poses simply come out of the pose for a short time and as soon as you feel relief, lower back down into your previous position. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the relief comes with a break of just a few seconds. If the pose is being held for much longer than you wish, don’t just stop trying all together. Instead, take the short breaks and get back into the pose for as long as you can. If that means that you are in break position for 5 seconds and in the pose for 2 for the entire 30-60 seconds, so be it. Next time, or maybe the time after that, you will likely be holding for 5, 10 or 15 seconds while only breaking for 2-3 seconds. Perseverance is what results are made of.

It you make yourself aware that quitting is not an option, you will make it. You and I will always be a work in progress. That’s encouraging! So set your mind to it and keep trying Yoga! The benefits will far the negative self-talk you initially will have to overcome.

Have a productive day!Derek Baldassari

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