Benefits Of Doing Yoga To Improve Your Meditation

Benefits Of Doing Yoga To Improve Your Meditation

Article by Spiritual Now Editors

It sometimes sounds confusing that Yoga can benefit you in meditation, as meditation is only a part of Yoga. However, in modern scenario, Yoga-Asanas are often referred to as Yoga in short and people often mean postures when they say that they are practicing Yoga for meditation. The basic benefit of Yoga-Asanas is to keep your body fit for the requirements of meditation. If you are not feeling well physically, you will find it hard to relax your mind and attaining the bliss that comes naturally with meditation. Body should work with the mind so that one can reach up to the level of soul, where the extreme bliss rests.

Yoga meditation, or Meditation supplemented with Yoga-Asanas, is beneficial in making a firm foundation and keeping you intact along the path. Though one can run bare-footed, but sometimes one feels that the regularity can’t be maintained. Shoes helps in providing that regularity. Yoga meditation is like that: one wears the shoes of Yoga-Asanas and can meditate effectively and regularly. We would also refer to this thing as Yoga here, and we will try to find out the benefits that one experiences from Yoga meditation.

1. Flexibility

It is obvious that you are involved in continuous sitting for longer durations as you move with your practice of meditation. However, sometimes the body becomes very stiff and hinders your progress and regularity. Yoga meditation comes handy here, and can serve the purpose quite well. It gives your body the much needed flexibility to sustain the needs of meditation for long periods.

Sometimes your vocation involves much physical work and you find it very hard to keep your body in optimal condition for meditation. Yoga meditation has almost proven benefits for such kind of situation, and once you do it, you will also realize the advantages that you gain.

2. Energy

It is quite obvious that all types of exercises impart energy to your body, and Yoga meditation is no exception. When you spend time for Yoga and do the meditation thereafter, you feel energized to the extent that you will be able to keep your body in erect position, which is extremely important for meditation. Whether you sit for 10 minutes or for 1 hour, you will feel that your physical being is supporting the needs of your mental and spiritual beings.

3. Relaxation and Calmness

Yoga meditation helps in getting deeper control on your mind, as you are able to feel your body quite easily. The muscles and joints are not causing any problem that can distract your mind. Yoga meditation helps in gaining body calmness that ultimately leads to mental calm. One can feel the body in a better way and can relax well, thus, initializing the founding steps of meditation.

It goes without saying that if you are practicing meditation; you need to supplement it with Yoga. Yoga meditation can bring the results early and make them lasting. Yoga meditation will make you feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually, of course.

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