Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Article by Nil Jonee

Taken the world by a storm, Bikram Yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga for those who crave for the hour glass figure. The another name that you give to the Bikram yoga is hot yoga as it is performed at a room temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit. The yoga has been popularized by the yoga guru Bikram Chowdhury and there several benefits of the hot yoga.

Why will you perform the yoga in such a hot temperature? The answer to it is simple. For the quick loss of weight, this is probably the best one. In fact this yoga is gradually gaining popularity among the masses. If you are a person who is looking for yoga for weight gain, then in that case, hot yoga is not your cup of tea. By increasing the metabolic rate, the yoga which is performed at the room temperature helps in the burning more calories than that you consume. This means that even when you are not active, it will help in burning the calories that have gathered around your tummy.

Moreover while performing the Bikram yoga, your body will go through a detoxification process that will help in releasing the toxins from the body. In fact when you are performing the yoga at a room temperature, the capillaries inside your body dilate and as a result, this increases the oxygen supply to various parts of the body. If the oxygen supply increases, it is obvious that you will feel much more relaxed and comfortable. In the process, your body will also become much more flexible and less exposed to any kind of injury.

If the exercises are performed in a heated environment, it is obvious that your body will grow resistant to various kinds of infection or diseases. The detoxification helps in strengthening the immune system of the body. It also helps in protecting the body from various kinds of diseases. You will feel much more energized after performing the Bikram yoga. There will be a glowing presence on your skin. With excessive sweating, radiance will appear on your skin and regular exercise will lead to a flawless skin. This will make you look much more bright and fresh. You will feel much more rejuvenated and vibrant after performing the yoga.

If you want to go for yoga for weight gain, enroll in some other kind of exercises. Another benefit of the hot yoga is that you have a calm and composed feeling after practicing the yoga daily. A feel good factor lurks within you after practicing the yoga exercises. As a result, the concentration power and memory retention increases a lot. Only if you have a strong determination and will power, will you be able to stay in that warm temperature for so long.

Since yoga brings about an holistic development of the body, so Bikram yoga helps in the physical and psychological development also-bringing about the union of the mind and the spirit. To make you aware with your inner self in terms of emotionality and spirituality, the hot yoga is the best option.

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