Benefit of Yoga – The Christian Viewpoint

Benefit of Yoga – The Christian Viewpoint

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Yoga is supposed to enhance health and create a virtual fusion between the body and the spirit by performing certain methods involving asana, postures, and breathing and meditation exercises. Although it is widely accepted around the world the Christian community has certain issues with yoga where the opening of one’s mind and spirit for the benefits of yoga is known to be dangerous and is against the preaching of Christianity. Christians believe that opening the minds to inner vision can lead to inviting demonic possessions which could cause harm. Studies show that although there is not much known about the history of yoga it somehow could have come out in a small settlement which to the world today is Afghanistan. In those days of yoga for beginner, people used yoga through their inner vision as a means of understanding the cosmic world and adapting it to their regular life style. Eventually down the line yoga masters used the form to strengthen their concentration and salvation. Meditation for beginners was also advised by yoga masters.Yoga came to light in the Indus valley when some archeologists discovered some stones bearing yoga seals on them. These stone seals portrayed asanas and postures which placed the time around 3000 B.C. Later on came the Vedas, a set of hymns which contained records of yoga teaching that was further translated to the Brahmanas that explained the rituals and hymns of the Vedas. The last to arrive before the modern medical practice called the Ayurveda was the Aranyakas which described the lifestyle of the Yogis that lived in the forests. The end result showing that yoga changed into a system of health, accord with the spirit and a mode of life. Eventually, various forms of yoga evolved such as . hatha yoga, bikram yoga . Subsequently, meditation was also incorporated into yoga.Christians who have a strong belief in their faith even though they have never come in contact with Jesus open their hearts and minds to deliver themselves onto the spirit of Christ, where they believe that he is the one true God. And so they believe that other versions of opening the mind to clearer hallucination might possibly give confidence to demonic control. Yoga teaches about opening the hearts and mind and a set of asanas or that when performed correctly wards off diseases and keeps the body healthy and strong. >So leaving aside what others think if you have faith and belief no matter what people says desire has to come from within and ignoring what other people have to say regarding the matter without criticizing them.

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This is one of the most ancient and valuable forms of exercise ever known to man. If you’re able to follow its principles and perform all the asanas the way they were meant to be done, not only will it result in excellent physical health, but also immense mental peace. In other words, yoga can help you avoid seeing the day when you need to claim your medical insuranceThe purpose of my articles is to provide some insight into yoga and the different principles behind some of the exercises it covers. These articles will also highlight the things you need to keep in mind before starting yoga, and the things that you need to do in order to make the most of your sessions.

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