Being Your Own Web Master for your Yoga Website

Being Your Own Web Master for your Yoga Website

Article by Mikel Bruc

Keeping your yoga website content current is one of the most important things that you can do to make it an on-going resource for your students and to keep it in favor with the search engines. Beyond the schedule, many yoga websites have static content that never changes. This doesn’t give a visitor much of a reason to return to the site other than to check the schedule. In addition, your business is probably growing, changing and evolving regularly and your website should evolve along with the business this should somehow be reflected in the website.

There are a few reasons that some yoga teachers/studio owners don’t update the site regularly. The main one is that it can be expensive to pay a webmaster to make content changes and updates. An average web designer will charge – or more to make any changes to a website, and if changes need to be made on a regular basis, this can get very expensive very fast. In addition to the costs involved, some webmasters are not very responsive so getting updates made regularly can be difficult when one set of changes has not been made when another is ready. Another reason for infrequent updates is that many teachers don’t have the time to work on updating their website. This is unfortunate since a website should/could be the most powerful marketing tool for any business. Currently over 80% of the searches for any product or service is done via the Internet and search engines. If a business is not tapping into that potential, they are missing out on the vast majority of potential new students/clients. Tapping into that potential in a big way involves adding fresh, new and relevant content to a website.

Some teachers/studio owners do have systems or programs in which they can update the content on their own. These are referred to as Content Management Systems (CMS). A CMS allows the website owner to become their own webmasters which is incredibly convenient and cost effective. Unfortunately, many of the CMS are fairly complicated to use and since most yoga teachers are not technically advanced this can pose problems. WebFlexor Yoga Websites ( does have a simple, featured-rich CMS called the Flex-Edit System, which is currently being used by hundreds of yoga businesses. This system easily allows them to: update text, add pictures, upload video, update schedule, upload files, add links and manage e-commerce pages. A system like the Flex-Edit system puts the website owner in control of their own website.

Here are some ideas to consider when using a CMS to keep your website updated:

1. Post articles and newsletters regularly on your website in order to give your students and potential students an educational resource. This is one of the best ways to continue to drive traffic to your site. These resources can be referenced in your newsletter and if you do create a viable educational resource section on your website, other websites will link to it and will have a huge impact on both driving traffic to your site and improving your search engine ranking.

2. Add fun and interesting sections/pages to your website that get updated regularly. Some ideas could be: pose of the day/week, tip of the week, etc…

3. If your CMS does give you the ability to upload video, add short video demos educating your students on different poses or sequences. With the advent and popularity of YouTube many people are very interested in watching short videos.

4. Add a Links page to your website and add regular links to relevant websites in exchange for links back to your website; this will drive traffic back to your website.

5. Add a nice photo gallery to your site and update it regularly with pictures of your classes, workshops and events. Your students will love to see pictures and even more so, pictures of themselves. Make sure to get authorization from your students to post their pictures on your website.

6. Link a blog to your website and post articles and newsletters on it as well. This could have a huge impact on your search engine ranking.

The bottom line is that if you have a website and it is not getting updated regularly, it is almost not worth having. It can make a very bad impression if you have old and outdated content on your website.

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