Beginners Yoga Poses

Beginners Yoga Poses

Article by Lorean Hover

Are you a novice in the domain of Yoga? Well beginners yoga poses can start with simple poses to start with. Moreover, the art of yoga does not comprise solely of exercise.

Rather, it moulds one’s mind, body and faith into one entity of spirituality and peace. A large variety of poses are available for novices, most of which are quite simple to perform.

Experienced people usually start out with the simpler ones and then move onto the harder ones gradually. Some of the basic and simplest postures of yoga are provided below.


Encourages stability and tranquility• Sit with legs crossed, one on top of another and the soles facing upwards. The heels will thus be pushing the lower side of the stomach. The backbone must be straight throughout the duration of the pose.• Place both hands on the knees, palms up.• This pose is one of the simplest poses in yoga. As the posture imitates a lotus flower, hence the name.


A pose which promotes body control and balance, it’s the basis of a good standing pose and also a simple position.

• Stand upright, with the spine straightened and feet together. Make sure that both feet are flat and stretch them a bit if necessary of relax the muscles of the soles.• Imagine that a string is pulling your backbone upwards, causing your knees to be raised alongside your hips and hamstrings.• Bring your centre of mass to the middle of your body, in order to equally distribute weight.


A pose which heightens one’s coordination and stability alongside the enhancement of quadriceps flexibility. This one is a good Yoga position for the beginners. • Firstly, stand in the mountain pose and then slowly raise an arm over your head.• Simultaneously, raise your left ankle behind by bending your knee and hold it with your left hand. Try to put all your weight to your right side.• Pull your left leg towards your body while exhaling and lean forward.• The right arm of yours acts as a balance. Maintain the position for twenty seconds, then gradually change sides and repeat exercise.


A position with healing abilities as it can reduce strain in the backbone while toning and firming up the muscles in the abdominal area and buttocks.

• Lie down with face in the surface of articulation, facing either side. Arms should rest on either side as well.• Slowly turn the head to centre and the area of contact with the ground should be the forehead.• Both hands should then be placed beneath the shoulders and the fingertips must be facing inwards as well.• Tilt your head backwards and raise your chest in the process. Slowly start straightening your hands with the fingers still faced inwards, remain in this position for ten seconds.• Gradually bend your head forward and lower your chest. Also, loosen up any tightened muscles from the abdomen and below.It is advised to be acquainted with breathing exercises before performing the physical exercises. Yoga classes which are aided by a trainer commences with breathing techniques and other basic activities such as focusing one’s mind first.

A handful of the easy to do beginners yoga poses include workout routines like balancing, stretching out while seated, stretching out while standing, bending to and fro, and mild twisting of the limbs.

Discontinue any poses or exercises which strain your body in any way and opt for an alternative position or exercise which favours your physique better.

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