Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program Day 16

I am part of a pilot group for Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset Program. It’s a 21 Day total body reset and not a typical cleanse where you spend all your time in the bathroom! I drink lots of water and take a set of supplements that helps to balance my body and digest the food that I eat so that I can get the most nutrients out of it. And the food!!! Oh my, what glorious food is on this plan! I never thought eating vegan could be so wonderful! Beautiful soups, salads, greens, and non-animal proteins made in so many delicious ways! We’ve decided to keep some of those recipes in our repertoire permanently! We feel more in tune with the food that we are consuming and are concious of how it makes us feel. Since we’re not eating animal protein, we feel lighter and not in the least bit hungry as we expected. Drinking pure distilled water with added minerals keeps us fully hydrated, so our skin is glowing! I am definitely going to continue with the water regimen when the 21 days is over. It’s made such a difference. The Ultimate Reset Program will be available to everyone on Thursday, April 12. I will be hosting a Challenge Group to help support my customers going through the program. Support on a program like this is CRITICAL!!! I could not have made it this far without the support of my group. Since it is recommended that you start on a Wednesday (days 3-5 are tough!), we will start on April 18. If you would like to be in this first challenge group and get started with a fresh new
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