Basic Techniques of Yoga & Meditation

Basic Techniques of Yoga & Meditation

Article by Sanki Linkon

Human body us made in such a way that it needs to get proper exercise, in order to remain fit and healthy. But in this present age of remote controls, everything is done just with the touch of a button. So as a result of which a lot of lifestyle diseases and aliments are alarming on a rise. To counter the effect of modern day stress and sluggish lifestyle, it is highly imperative for us to gear up for some good workouts. Here comes, yoga for the beginners, in to play. As it is an age old system of complete body cleansing and strengthening, it tested and safe for everyone. But before getting into it, one must learn the basics of yoga for the beginners from a reliable yoga teacher. Yoga doesn’t need any kind of expensive equipments; all it requires is a set of comfortable loose clothes and a mat.There are some very easy poses of yoga for the beginners; these are taken in from our everyday positions like, standing, sitting, lying down, etc. With proper guidance and poses, yoga for beginners can be really helpful and they can gain a lot of these exercises. Yoga is considered to be very therapeutic and hence can easily be a part of our daily lives. Start with a ten to fifteen minutes of warm up sessions; these are important for blood circulation and joint lubrication. This in turn helps in doing the poses better. Be careful to maintain a correct posture all the time. Simple asanas should be practiced first. As a yoga for beginners should not be taxing so, one can start with the standing pose, that can be followed by the sitting posture, Supine poses, twist poses, prone postures, balanced postures, back and forward bending poses and then the finishing poses.There is a very important relationship between yoga and breathing techniques. With simple breathing techniques in yoga like the Pranayama, one can do wonders to his or hers health. It has a great impact on improving the lung capacity of the person and eases away stress and hence relaxes us completely.Yoga and meditation are also very closely linked. Meditation provides a complete holistic experience to us. Like to begin anything new, one requires guidance; it is the same way for the meditation for beginners. This guidance actually acts like a prompter for the beginners as it will help them to look and explore their minds and hearts. Meditation for the beginners shall start with the commitment to oneself to meditate at least once a day. This can happen even when one is sitting quietly for some time, or is listening to some soothing musical notes or even with following the perfect rhythm in one’s own breath. Start now, where ever you are. Just draw your own standard, do follow others but listen to your inner voice also. Try to be at peace with yourself and adopt a positive mind.

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Sanki Linkon is a renowned yoga expert who offers yoga lessons online. In this article he discussed the various postures of Yoga For Children, especially the benefits of Bikram Yoga. To know more about his views on various yoga postures visit

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