Backbend Yoga Poses: Ashtanga Dropbacks — STRETCHING SECRETS REVEALED in a FREE, 7-day email course. Discover the secret connection between nutrition and flexibility. Yoga students only. FREE YOGA DROPBACK VIDEO Yoga backbends are one of the most fun and challenging of practices because they involve making the front of our body extremely vulnerable. Genetically, we’re hard-wired to guard our chest and protect our heart center; so in some ways, backbends are going against nature—but in a good way. DROPBACK BASICS Before you can do a yoga dropback, it’s essential that you are able to practice full wheel pose with straight arms comfortably for at least 30 breaths. Also called Urdva Dhanurasana, full wheel pose builds the foundation for this more advanced variation. HOW FLEXIBLE DOES MY BACK NEED TO BE? http I know many guys who are very stiff in their backs who can still do really nice, clean dropbacks. As mentioned, you must be competent at Urdva Danurasana (wheel pose), but after that, it’s mostly strength and balance. As in most backbending poses, the focus is on a strong and stable lower body and a loose and soft upper body. The further back you go, the more your body will instinctively close off your heart center, so you have to consciously tell yourself: “legs strong, heart open.” ROCKING BACK AND FORTH When you first begin learning dropbacks, it’s a good idea to practice the rocking technique. This is accomplished simply by “rocking” the weight primarily into your feet, then your
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